The Misconception of Valentine’s Day Love

If February be here, can romance be far behind! Often regarded the most romantic month due to Valentine’s Day, February is indeed one of those months lovers look forward to in a new year. Indeed, with February comes pink hearts, red roses and excessive sugar consumption. Valentine’s Day celebrates love, or at least the love typically depicted as stereotypical romantic comedy dramatic swooning love. It is also the time and month when gifts in the forms of jewellery, flowers and chocolates are sold in the highest quantity. Moreover, with the week ahead of the day christened into Rose day, hug day, propose day and the likes, indeed the week leading up to Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic week in a year for lover across the world, a week that could perhaps be beaten only by to-be married couples or couples on honeymoon.

However, if one looks into the story of St. Valentine, he was said to be a Priest who gave his live for a husband who was to be persecuted because he refused the King’s orders. Of course, there are varied stories but the most common being that St. Valentine offered his life in exchange for a father to be when the latter refused to go on war in order to see and raise his to-be-born child. The Christian church states such expression of love as Agape, the universal love where one’s love for a person knows no boundary that it is beyond race, sex, creed, religion or anything. And relating to this, the Love that many across the world celebrate today seems to be on sharp contrast. It is what is universally known at Eros love, the love of physical that many across the world observe on Valentine’s Day. Hence, in the process the focus on romantic love for Valentine’s Day erases the love we feel for others and also excludes people who don’t feel romantic attraction or who aren’t in romantic relationships. Romantic relationships are not the end-all-be-all of happiness: friendships result in high levels of intimacy, companionship, stability and trust according to “The Development of Romantic Relationships in Adolescence” by Candice Feiring.

The love and stability that friends afford each other deserves to be celebrated as much as the love and stability afforded to significant others, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show that appreciation, as the holiday is a celebration of love. Moreover, it is a day to celebrate love between family members too for family is, was and will always be the first love of anyone. And it is perhaps in observing Valentine’s Day as a day of romance for lovers and couples that the concept has been misunderstood. Rather, one should take it as a day to celebrate love with family, friends, with wife or husband and even children and perhaps, that would be the real meaning and right concept of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

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