The Guilty and the Innocent

So, the Assam Rifles jawan who allegedly assaulted the lady IPS officer has been summoned by investigation officers on February 27 for further questioning. For those who believe the AR jawan was indeed guilty will feel that the right action has been taken. On the other, those who feel that the allegations of the lady IPS officer were without proof will feel that it is a wrong decision on the part of whoever is concerned in summoning the jawan. Only time will reveal the truth about the incident that occurred on January 19, 2020 at Assam Rifles Khudengthabi check post when the lady IPS officer who was in civil dress and accompanied by her security escorts, was returning from Moreh after an official duty. As per an FIR case no.12(1)2020/Moreh PS by the lady IPS officer, she was physically assaulted and molested by the AR Jawan. Of course, the Assam Rifles have denied the allegation stating that the lady officer has given false information in the FIR.

While the truth will be probably revealed someday soon in the future, the one question that remains now is, who is guilty and who is innocent in the said incident. So far, as per reports the lady officer has claimed to be innocent and the victim, stating that she was physically assaulted and molested. On the other hand, the Assam Rifles have denied all allegations stating that jawan was doing his duty of frisking a lady dress in civil and that there was no assault or molestation of any sort. In short, both the sides have played the victim’s card while accusing the other of being guilty.

In such cases, the Indian judicial system is such that despite one should be innocent till proven guilty, one is rather guilty till proven innocent. It is not to state that the Assam Rifles jawan is guilty here but that is the sad truth that he is made to be the victim by a certain section of the people. On the other hand, there are those who feel that the lady officer has only alleged without any proof. So now, who is guilty and who is innocent of the two? Only time will tell and probably, as early as February 27. But again, both the sides must come up with proofs to show they are innocent and the other, guilty. Allegations and charges have always been the way of the system in India and cases have taken years to be solved. But this is a matter that concerns the people of Manipur, a matter of security. With the government already pressing the centre to remove the AR from all check posts along the NH and replace them with state forces, which has been received with mix reviews, it is time for both sides, the Assam Rifles and the lady IPS officer to proof their innocence. Indeed, the truth must be brought forth for the people of Manipur to make a stand on whom to trust too.

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