The 19th Great June Uprising Unity Day observed

The 19th Great June Uprising Unity Day observed

‘People of Manipur must recognize the common of the state and stand together’ 

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IMPHAL: The 19th Great June Uprising, Unity Day was observed at Kekrupat with the main feature being the offering of floral tributes to the 18 martyrs who laid down their lives during the people’s movement of June 2001 for protection of the integrity of Manipur.

United Committee Manipur (UCM) and All Manipur United Clubs’ Organization (AMUCO) observed the day this year with social gathering restrictions and allowing only the family members of the 18 martyrs and leaders of some organisations to attend the function in view of COVID-19 outbreak.

UCM president Sunil Karam recalled that on this day in 2001, the people of Manipur took to the streets all over the state after the then union government introduced the clause ‘without territorial limits’ in the ceasefire agreement with NSCN (IM). The people of Manipur had repeatedly made it clear that the Indian government and also the state government must not suppress the interest of integrity and cause divisiveness. The present generations must stand united as an honor to those martyred and as a tribute to fulfill their dreams of living in unity, he stated.

The people of Manipur will stand against anything that is not in the interest of the unity of the state. The people of Manipur must together realize and recognize the common enemy of the state, he said while advising that the people of Manipur should not depend on the judgment of outsiders in matter that could lead to misunderstanding between indigenous people.

He further stated that the present politicians of Manipur must be conscious of those gone by days of unfortunate epics in dealing with the people of Manipur, saying that those days of fooling the people with just rhetoric speeches and ruling with oppression can never be continued at the present.

Even today there are threats of cracks in the unity of the state under various circumstances provoked by few selfish people for their own interest. The people of Manipur have been living with a sense of unity forwarding memorandum and participating in protests, but still finds trouble to fight against the autocratic governance. The people of Manipur should stand united in fighting against unacceptable policies of the government, Sunil Karam stated.

President of AMUCO Ph Nando stated that the observance of the memorial day will stand out as a symbol of unity against the energy, resources and time wasted due to the provocative issues and divisive policies created by government of India. AMUCO and UCM will never tolerate any hidden agendas taken up in the name of developmental policies. The continuing provocation made by the government of India can never separate the bonding of love and long historical togetherness between people hills and valley, he stated.

Therefore, the divide and rule policies designed by the Indian government will result in failure every time, he said urging the people in Manipur to understand the core values of attending the observation.

The Great June Uprising Unity Day Observation 18 June 2020 was organized by The Great June Uprising Unity Day Observation Committee and Loumee Sinmee Apunba Lup in Bishnupur District at Ningthoukhong Public Park.

Chairperson of Ningthoukhong Municipal Council L. Ibungo, councilors and president of Loumee Sinmee Apunba Lup Th. Noren were among the main invitees. Many people from the district wholeheartedly participated in offering floral tributes to the martyrs.

On the other hand, The Great June Uprising Unity Day Observation was organized at Moirang Konung by MAMPIL, Moirang. President of MAMPIL K. Padamo, Secretary N. Thaba General Secretary of HERICOUN Y. Surjitkumar Khuman were the chief invitees.

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