Thank You’ – A Mumbai returnee writes to CM

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KANGPOKPI: At this time of complaints, protest, breaching IQCs guidelines/SOPs on the part of the inmates at various Institutional Quarantine Centres in the state, which give more headaches to the Government, a simple but very inspiring ‘Thank You’ note from an inmate among thousands would definitely put soothing balm on the forehead of the state Government.

A teenage Mumbai returnee girl who is under surveillance at Goma Devi High School, Toribari which is declared as a containment zone after few of her fellows were found positive with Coronavirus wrote a simple but an inspiring letter conveying her gratitude to the state Government and all the frontline workers, CSOs and various others who helped them bravely fight the pandemic COVID-19.

The girl in her letter delivers her greatest gratitude to the state Government under the leadership of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and all frontline workers for attending and addressing all the basic needs and requirements of all the returnees and holding responsibility upon them.

She narrated that from the moment we first started off the trail, we fathom incredibly all the underlying repercussions. What keeps us going was the urge to be ‘home’. Confused and daring, we made the decision. The beat was intense as we came further. We battle through the vale of hunger, heat and depression, to the extent the obvious pandemic COVID-19. Health was at high risk- let loose the racism.

The girl also noted while referring to the state Chief Minister and his Government, the District Administration, Police, health workers and other frontline workers that when the world is engrossed with their own well being, you bear to give us the first priority risking your own wellbeing and life and we are aptly indebted for all your perceptible and remarkable service.

“To be more precise, I am completely succumb with gratefulness as despite the risk we brought to our fellow citizens, we are given all the required amenities and also the warmth, we long from times ago by the Government and the frontline workers”, the girl added.

In a very honest manner the girl also said in her letter, “you give us Rs. 2,000/- each, you bear the expenses for our transportation through a special Sharmik train, then buses from Jiribam to our respective places and provided all the basis requirements including fooding and lodging apart from other necessities and we do not spent a penny for all these requirements while we are working and staying there for our own personnel interest or benefits”.

“To our utter happiness, we were warmly welcome by district officials, and the members of KTC, volunteers of KYU and KWWO while serving us food free of cost again. I am filled with tears as I eat the food and feel the warmth and love of the people who have care us a lot”, she added.

 She also wrote in her simple letter the hospitality and love of Toribari Village Authority where they are under surveillance at Goma Devi High School, a designated Institutional Quarantine Centre, now declared as Containment Zone stating that despite of few positive cases from the IQCs the villagers has no discriminating attitude towards us.

The girl also thanked the Medical Department and all the frontline workers for their selfless service amid the deadly pandemic Coronavirus for the welfare of the returnees while conveying her special and utmost thanks to the KSO Mumbai and its esteem member for their versatile being stating that they work seamlessly at their best.

She concluded by saying, “your good works compensate all the difficulty we have face on the way and we are profusely thankful for everything”.

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