Thang-Ta Coordinating Committee Manipur formed, submits memorandum to CM

Thang-Ta Coordinating Committee Manipur formed, submits memorandum to CM

TMB Report

Imphal: A new body called the Thang-Ta Coordinating committee was formed on October 10, 2020 at a meeting at Ningtek Mandop belonging to Lourembam Joykumar, Wangkhei Thangjam Leikai, Ayangpalli Road after a long discussion with the participation of shintakpurel, shintakpa, state and national awardees among others.

The new committee informed that some people are misleading people in connection with the teaching of Thang-Ta. The previous body called Committee of Promotion of Indigenous Martial Arts of Manipur was formed under the aegis of Chief Minister Manipur and was allegedly linked to wrongdoings.

The new committee demanded the abolishment of the previous body with the intention of preservation of the indigenous martial art form.

The new committee had submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister of Manipur and Commissioner Secretary and Director, Youth Affairs and Sports (YAS), government of Manipur on October 12, 2020 for promotion of Thang-Ta and organization of the 2nd Chief Minister Martial Arts Meet (Thang-Ta/Cheibi) with a solid committee connected to Thang Ta and in collaboration with Department of Art and Culture.

The memorandum was signed by many prominent shintakpurel and shintakpa who are members of the new committee.

Apart from the demand for abolishment of the previous committee whom it claimed was misleading people, it called for drafting of new rules and regulations of the Thang-Ta. For the welfare of the Manipur people, the government should honour and preserve the indigenous discipline of Thang-Ta, it added.

According to the notice on 25th September, 2020 the department of YAS had given information for holding a meeting with the agenda of forming a committee though through another notice the meeting was adjourned. In spite of the changes, a committee was formed with the induction of many persons not related to Thang Ta like social workers who did not have any knowledge of Thang-Ta. Such appointment will make the education of Thang-Ta lose its quality and tantamount to giving insult to the dedicated shintakpurel and shintakpa, the new committee stated. 

There are many things which are very dissimilar between sports and culture which raised many awkward situations as the martial arts has its own secret norms. It referred to the past and possible miscommunication between Youth Affairs and Sports (YAS) and dedicated experts of the martial art in conducting the Thang-Ta championship.

The memorandum further mentioned that Ministry of Culture, government of India have regards for the indigenous Thang-Ta and has been giving incentives like young talent scholarship, Young Talent awards, fellowship of Old age pension and others awards since early time till now. So, it will be best to conduct the 2nd Chief Minister Indigenous Martial Arts Meet in a joint effort with the Department of Art and Culture, government of Manipur. The government should recognize only one esteemed Thang-Ta committee which can disperse the education of Thang-Ta as  a good deed.

The Thang-Ta Coordinating Committee Manipur recalled that the State government hosted the Chief Minister Martial Arts Meet 2019-20 which was organized successfully with the objective of preserving the Thang-Ta. A new committee should be form for the smooth organization of the Chief Minister Martial Arts Meet this time too. The formation of the new committee should be done with representation of active Thang-Ta committees of Manipur and consultation with dedicated shintakpurel and shintakpa also through prior information.

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