Thadou Inpi condemns, responds to boycott call of HPC, HSO

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI: The Thadou Inpi, responding to the boycott call of Haokip People’s Council and Haokip Students’ Organization leaders, strongly condemned the act and appealed to withdraw the boycott call at the earliest.

The press communiqué Hechon Hangshing, Vice President (External), Mangseh Singsit, Vice President and Khaimang Haokip, Secretary, Judiciary of the Thadou Inpi said that some leaders of Haokip People’s Council (HPC) and Haokip Students’ Organization (HSO) including In-charge of Chassad village, namely Lunkhohen Haokip, S/o (L) Letkhohen Haokip, Tongkhohao Haokip, S/o (L) Paolen Haokip, President, HPC, Tongmang Haokip, S/o (L) Paolen Haokip, Thuching(Secretary), Haokip Inpi of Saitu Village, Tungkhojang Haokip, S/o (L) Doukhomang Haokip, Satkhomang Haokip, S/o Letthang Haokip, General Secretary, HPC of Chassad Avenue, Zalaisem@Sesem Haokip, S/o Lamthang Haokip, President HSO of Motsohoi Village, Kangpokpi District had served boycott call to four particular Haokips individual who are presently leaders of Thadou Inpi and Thadou Students’ Association on July 28 through various newspapers and social media.

It stated that the Thadou Inpi has taken the matter very seriously as it is not only an attempt to intimidate, threaten, defame and put in  danger the lives of the four Thadou leaders but also potential of igniting disharmony and violence in the community.

It also stated that since time immemorial Thadou is an inclusive linguistic tribe consisting of different clans and family groups who speak Thadou language and it had been recognized as such by the Government of India in 1956 and remains as such till now and there is no issue of clan or family groups as far as Thadou tribe is concerned.

However, unfortunately some individuals within the leadership of HPC for reasons best known to them have been opposing Thadou tribe and created unnecessary problems, hatred and enmity in the community particularly to Haokips who are involved in Thadou community social organizations which has been going on for a while but Thadou Inpi have been enduring in larger interest with the hope that those leaders would mend their ways and better sense prevail upon them, it added.

It further said that contrary to the expectation and to make things worse, the HPC leaders with some vested interest on July 28 issued a boycott call through various newspapers and social media against the four particular Haokips who are also leaders of Thadou Inpi and Thadou Students’ Association.

As the apex body of Thadou tribe, Thadou Inpi would like to remind one and all that Thadou is a linguistic tribe of all Thadous including all clan and family groups, including Haokips, who speak the same language (Thadou) and it is a well known recorded fact and undeniable truth with solid history that Thadou is a distinct tribe inclusive of all from many different same-language (Thadou) speaking family groups, including Haokip clan, many of whom have been great champions of Thadou tribe and its unity in the past and present, it said.

It continued that Thadou Inpi is not against any other tribes, clan or social group but in fact desirous of harmonious and peaceful co-existence with all communities and groups. However, it is opposed to the recognition of Any Kuki Tribes or the attempt to change Any Kuki Tribes to Kuki tribe because it would adversely affects not only the Thadou tribe or Thadou identity but also Kuki itself as a unifying common name for many tribes.

It then said that Kuki which has been the common nomenclature of some tribe including Thadou Tribe cannot be reduce to a single tribe status like any other tribe as each tribe including Thadou has distinct or specific language, culture or identity of their own and Thadou Inpi is always ready to discuss or settle any misunderstandings if any, within Thadou Community.

While conveying its anticipation of positive response over its appeal to withdraw their boycott call immediately by HPC and HSO, the Thadou Inpi cautioned that in the event that this does not eventuate, it will not be taken lightly and it may be compelled to resort to appropriate actions, including legal options, in the matter.

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