<strong>Thadou Holy Bible released, distributed at Motbung </strong>

Thadou Holy Bible released, distributed at Motbung

TMB Report

Kangpokpi: The first ever Thadou Holy Bible published by the Trinitarian Bible Society, London, England assisted by First Bible International of Milford, Ohio, USA was released On Sunday at Thadou Baptist Church (TBA), Motbung Model village in Kangpokpi District.

The Holy Bible was also distributed among the Thadou speaking people by the Thadou Christian Literature Society after it was momentously released by Rev. Th. Kipgen, Chairman, Ordination Committee, TBA-India in the presence of MLA Kangpokpi AC Nemcha Kipgen and Dr. Vumthang Sitlhou, Secretary, Thadou Christian Literature Society, who is also the President of TBA-India, Chongpu Kipgen and others.

A minute silence was observed as a mark of paying homage to the pioneer translators of the Thadou Holy Bible led by Rev. K. Hangshing before a video message from TBS London and the First Bible International and a brief history of Thadou Holy Bible on the part of Dr. Vumthang Sitlhou.

The Secretary of Thadou Christian Literature Society, Dr. Vumthang Sitlhou maintained that the western countries began to develop when they read the Bible 60p years before while adding that the Thadou society will also begin developing when they start reading the Bible in their own dialect and live with the holy words.

MLA Nemcha Kipgen in her exhortation speech conveyed her gratitude to the Trinitarian Bible Society, London, England and the First Bible International for their marvelous work in spreading the Gospel of His (God’s) holy words across the globe.

She said, anyone reading the newly published Thadou Holy Bible will find peace, hope in times of despair, light in times of darkness and joy in times of toughest of days.

The MLA also appreciated the self sacrifice and contribution of the Thadou Christian Literature Society especially the Secretary, Dr. Vumthang Sitlhou, donors, pioneer translators and their family members, and all others who have contributed for the publication of the Thadou Holy Bible.

Earlier, the Thadou Holy Bible was released by Rev. Th. Kipgen after it was brought inside the Church in Talai by three Reverend and later distributed among the Thadou speaking peoples through Thadou Village Chiefs, Church leaders while it was also distributed to all the delegates, dignitaries, pioneer families, church leaders, women leaders, youth leaders, CSOs leaders, etc. by Rev. L. Kipgen, Executive Secretary, TBA.

Twipajang Area Choir, K. Geljang Area Choir, Keithelmanbi Area Choir, TBA Central Choir, Motbung Area Choir, the Jubilants, Motbung and Youth for Christ, Motbung enthralled the crowd with their melodious voice.

Pastor Paogou Sitlhou, Pastor T. Haokip, Motbung B/C, Jamkholim Kipgen, Vice President, Thadou Christian Literature Society apart from other church leaders also attended the occasion.

The pioneer translators and founding leaders of the Thadou Christian Literature Society in 1974 were (L) Kipgen, IFS Retd. (President), (L), S.L. Palal (Secretary), (L). Seikholam Sitlhou (Member), (L). Songkho Kipgen, IAS Retd. (Translator), (L). Letkhongul (Translator), (L). Thangpu Kipgen (Typist) and (L). Rev. S.L. Satjasei (Translator).

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