Teachers of Catholic schools discuss on salary issue

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IMPHAL: The teachers’ representatives of the Catholic School, Canchipur; Little Flower School, Sangaiprou; and Christ Jyoti School, Mantripukhri have held a meeting to discuss the grievances being faced by the teachers over the irregular payment of their monthly salaries on account of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a statement issued by the teachers’ representatives of the three schools the meeting was held on Wednesday. The meeting unanimously agreed that the teachers and the non-teaching staff of these schools are all affected directly or indirectly from the inability of the school administrations to release their salaries during the nationwide emergency lockdown over the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected functioning of educational institutions from March 22, 2020.

The teachers’ representatives stated that the school authorities have paid the salary up to the month of April after much heated discussions between the two sides. Moreover, partial payment was made for the month of May which was disbursed at the end of June and thereafter there have been no further payment of salaries. The partial payment for the month of May has not been realized for the teachers of Christ Jyoti School.

The teachers mentioned the notification from Commissioner of Education (S) which was served on 20th June, 2020 stating that the schools whose enrolment strength is above 700 should disburse the salaries of the teachers w.e.f April to July, 2020 (Ref. Order No. 41/1/2020-SE (S), and in this connection the teachers’ representatives submitted a memorandum to the commissioner on July 10, 2020 but no positive response has been received from the schools’ authorities.

Moreover, it added that prior to the submission of the memorandum representatives of teachers have also met the education minister earlier on 26th May, 2020 to apprise him of the circumstances they are undergoing. It was indeed a shocking experience that the school authorities did not have concern about the plights of the teachers during the global crisis, the statement said.

“We are not asking for collection of the tuition fees from the students to disburse teachers’ salary. If the school authorities are running their administration transparently, they should show their accountability and liability”, said the teachers representatives.

Substantiating their arguments, they noted that each of the schools collects Rs 4500 to Rs 6000 from a student at the time of admission. A calculation of the amount of money collected from the students’ admission and fees will give a total in terms of crores of rupees each year and the three schools are all well-established and set up 38, 60 and 30 years back. If the school authorities wish they can easily come to the rescue of the unfortunate teachers and are capable of paying the salary for the whole year, the statement continued.

Hence, the teachers have collectively decided to come to the public domain as victims of exploitation at the hands of the authorities for so many years, it said and appealed to the public to look into the matter and to extend helping hands to the teachers.

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