Teachers deserve a little more respect and honour!

“Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living”

Every year India celebrates Teachers’ Day   on 5th September which is also the birthday of former President, teacher, educator and scholar Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Yet every often, no one seems to rally realise the value and importance of teachers in ones lives. The role of a teacher in our life is an important one as they lay the foundation in stage that we group up and will help shape our future. Yes, they do appear and strict on us many a times, but one looks into it , we will realised that it is only for our betterment. With their strictness and toughness they train us mould us, shape us and chisel us with their love and affection into a body and mind, strong, tough and fit for the future. They shape our raw talents and potentials, help us fight our fears  and weakness, only  to make us strong. While they do teach us many things as we grow up, there is no denying that Teachers do inspire and encourage us too: As they  saying goes, Teachers are our second parents, parents in school where our blood parents cannot be present. As our parents would guide, shape and mould us at home, Teachers do the same at schools. By the time a student has cleared the Class X exams, he has already spent a good  20 percent of his  life in school, with the teachers teaching him the rules of life. Therefore, it is very right Teachers are given the right honour and respect.          

However, the sad truth is that, Teachers in India are most neglected  and disrespected load amongst any profession. It is considered a job for the lower class, for the not so bright students people. They find no place in India’s modern economy and urban landscape today. It is taken up as the last option for profession by many across the country. Be it private or government teacher , teaching is no one of the toughest jobs in the world. It is about getting into the mind of each student understanding them and teaching according. Bollywood movie Taare Zamin Par and Hollywood classic To Sir With Love are movies that depict how teachers have to get into the skin of the students to help shape them accordingly. But their sad plight in the country tells of a different story despite the fact that it is one of most difficult jobs in the country. And the least paying job too. In short, teachers have been fighting a war against the system and their very institution. Government schools today are mostly rejected due to the facilities provided thus leaving the teachers in dust. On the contrary private schools are revered but teachers faced the challenge of parents expectation who pay a hefty amount for their children to be educated.  And one will not deny the bad shape of government teachers in the state. Though the trend is changing very slowly though, it is vital that teachers given utmost importance and respected at the same time Countries such as China, Greece, Turkey,  and South korea respect teachers the most, holding them in high esteem. It is said that in China, teachers are talked about and respected in the same rank as doctors. Switzerland Luxembourg are also countries where teachers are one of the highest paying professionals. However India tells a different story altogether. Though in the old Gurus were revered and respect, it is not the same today. And considering the role  the teachers play in shaping the students and youths who are the future, they need to be given utmost respect and honour. A Teachers’ Day celebration should not be a mere celebration because it has been done from before, but it should be a sign of love and respect toward teachers. As Aristotle said, teachers are more important than parents because they teach and give students the art of living.

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