TMB Report

Ccpur: The Tuibuong Area Youth Club (TAYC) has applauded the Churachandpur Traffic Control Police (TCP-CCPUR) for the unending zeal, relentless efforts and tenacity that they display in maintaining the traffic in Churachandpur as a whole and in Tuibuang area in particular in a truly professional manner.

The TAYC also said that they appreciate the District TCP and District Administration for putting up traffic sign boards at several places in and around Tuibuong area. This will facilitate proper parking, traffic movement and reduce chances of accident and congestion, the Club said.

However, to the dismay of every right thinking citizen some unscrupulous persons, for reason best known to them, are destroying the signboards put up alongside the road, the TAYC said and condemned such act warning the perpetrators not to repeat such uncivilized act in future.

With Christmas season knocking at the door, the traffic volume and shoppers is expected to witness a sharp increase during this festive season which will put a heavy burden on the road capacity and severe congestion. In order to avoid such inconveniences, TAYC requests the general public to strictly follow the rules and regulations laid down by the district TCP i.e. parking 2 Wheelers n the east side (lam lhanglang) and 2 and 3 Wheelers on the west (lam sahlang) of the road.

Extending our full support to TCP-CCPUR, the TAYC would like to appeal to the general public to support and cooperate the efforts of the police to make Churchandpur a safer and better district.

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