Tashar village calls on govt to black-top 7-km long road

Tashar village calls on govt to black-top 7-km long road

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Imphal: The Tashar village which has around 7,72 households and population of around 4,500 located under Ukhrul district has drawn an attention of state government and related authorities for a black topping of 7 kilometres long deteriorated road between Lambui junction to till the end of the Tashar village, which has been suffering for more than twenty  years from now on.

The village is located 65 kilometres away from the heart of Imphal city. As the road condition is too bad, the villagers of the village started repairing it with their own pocket money recently.

Speaking to media persons, Headman of the Tashar village As. Shinmi informed that the most suffering and difficulties being faced by the villagers is the present road condition. He said that with money from their own pockets the villagers have been repairing the road for more than twenty years. Because of the bad road condition, the villagers cannot go and sell their vegetables to bigger markets and other villages. If the villagers want to go and sell their vegetables they have to spent lots of money as the hired vehicles used to charge double the normal fare.

He further said that lots of hardship has been faced in treatment of any sick person who needed to be taken to the health centre or hospitals. He said that the village which has around 4,500 in population does not have even a Primary Health Centre (PHC) or Sub- Centre till date. The villagers while going through many hardships take the sick person to hospital like in Ukhrul and Imphal for further treatment. Even sometime casualties occurred on the way as the road condition is too bad for a travelling.

The headman questioned for how long the villagers are going to repair the road like this. He said that as of now there is no sign from the side of state government, concerned MLA and related departments for black topping the road. He appealed to the state government to look into the suffering and difficulties being faced by the villagers for more than twenty years and to take up measures for road construction at the earliest. The villagers will be very thankful if the state government hears the voice of the villagers suffering in the right time, added the headman.

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