Tangkhul feature film family donates

TMB Report

IMPHAL:  The Tangkhul Feature Film Forum entitled “Meiphung Production” family has unanimously agreed to disburse an amount of Rs. 55,000 as a financial assistance relief for the people particularly for Tangkhul community stranded outside of Manipur in an act of taking initiative to fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

In a press note, Meiphung Production chief operating officer Seema Awungshi said that the relief of financial assistance will be given to individuals who were genuinely suffering from Covid-19 lockdown. It is said that the financial assistance will be given after observing accordingly to the population and the place where Tangkhul community has been facing the most suffering. It also said that the staff of the forum will contact responsible leaders of the respective places. The forum further sought support from people of the Tangkhul community to ensure the financial assistance reach to the genuine recipients at the earliest.  The press note further mentioned that self preventative measure is need at this hour to fight back the Covid-19 pandemic.

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