Suspension of ASI- Blame the system

ASI Th.Hitler Singh, posted at Reserved Line at Kangpokpi Police, was suspended on Tuesday for misbehaving with a civilian at Kangpokpi Bazaar earlier during the day. As per reports and a video that went viral on social , he abused Truck Driver,even took out his pistol and seemed to have threaten the civilian. Following the act , he was suspended. However, various civil society organizations including the Kuki Students’ Organizations demanded that ASI Hitler was not only suspended from his job but also terminated.The behavior of the ASI is not only a threat to the innocent public but also a big liability to the Manipur Police department and dismissal from the department will be the only befitting response, the KSO demanded . In the later part of 2019 , a Manipur Police constable was also suspended for allegedly collecting money from a daily wage labourer following a video that went viral.

Situation of Manipur police threatening or collecting bribes, even if in terms of a few hundred, is nothing new to the public .While there may be lack of visual or video or photographic proofs, one will not deny the fact that it is a daily happening in the state. Corruption, in big or small, is a daily happening in the state. A very common known fact in Manipur is a “Token” publicly Known as ‘Cha Thaknaba’ (for tea), which, one will have to accept is a form of a bribe, even if the smallest kind. Then of course, there are those percentage cuts and the likes.

Let us not get down to the bottom of who started it and who is responsible and who should remove it from the society.However, what one has to analyse and understand is that it is the system that has made one to be so. A beautiful dialogue in the Bollywood movie’Rang De Basanti’ states, ‘if you want to change the system, be a part of the system and change it”. Sadly, the sad reality of the state is that that system changes one rather than the person changing the system. And it is in such situation that ASI Hitler and the Constable became a part of it. Perhaps, they might have wanted to change the system, but the system is such that they became a part of the system and had to find their way through. But be clear that this statement is not about supporting the system or ASI Hitler , but rather, to take a deep look into the system, analyse it and bring about a solution to the same. And as long as there is no change in the system ,as long as there is no change in the mentality of the people, the likes of ASI Hitler and the Constable will continue to exist in the state. but be clear that , they are not what they are because they want to be but because it is the society, the system, that has made them to be what they are. As long as there is no change in the system, nothing will change.

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