Surja Lata husband rejects dowry harassment charges

TMB Report

Imphal: The husband of former captain of Indian women hockey team Waikhom Suraj Lata Devi, Kshetrimayum  Santa Kumar, Singh has denied his wife’s allegations that she underwent torture and mental harassment at his hand over the issue of insufficient dowry.

Addressing media persons at Manipur Press Club on Friday, Santa said that they never had any problem over dowry from the beginning of their marriage and neither had he physically assault her with his own hands or using other objects. Naturally, as it happens between married couples, there were misunderstandings or small confrontations, but both feel sorry the next day, he said.  

He further stated that the allegation which was hurled at him by his wife Suraj Lata through the media that he had concealed her memento, certificates and medals etc are absolutely wrong statements, he said. On the contrary, the items have been proudly displayed in the drawing room for his friends, relatives, and other guests to see, as he feels it was an honour that his wife is a former Indian hockey captain, Shanta mentioned in the meet.

He admitted accompanying his wife on a trip on her request for a selection committee meeting of all Indian Railways at Punjab but totally denied any incident of brutal assault on her ever occurring that night.

He questioned whether it was a crime on his part that sometime he had to scold or reprimand his wife as part of keeping the relationship on track. Insisting that he was not to be blamed for the crisis in the marriage, Shanta said he felt the allegation of torture over dowry was ironical as most of the assets in Mumbai are in her name.

Santa said he brought the children to their native place after consultation with his wife on many occasions in the past, and they were then admitted to schools in the state with the hope that they can grow up in an environment with opportunities to imbibe their own culture.

Attacking Suraj Lata and her mother for fabricating stories to brand him a violent person besides being greedy for dowry, he claimed that it was his wife who used police force when he visited to hand over the kids’ uniform and was even threatened to face her in the court.

All of her allegations were baseless, and it was an unfortunate thing which he never had thought that a prominent sports personality like her was capable of doing, Shanta stated referring to the Arjuna Awardee charges of physical and mental harassment against him covering a period of 15 years of marital affiliation.

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