Strong Wind Damages Properties in Keinou

TMB Report

Bishnupur: The heavy storm that hit the state on Thursday evening and overnight has led to massive destruction of properties in several areas.

At Keinou Keithel under Bishnupur District, rooftops of 5 shops constructed in a single plot were carried away about 30 feet and also caused further damages to the structure.

The tin-sheet covered rooftops of the 5 shops were uprooted by the heavy storm on Friday at around 4 am.

The owners of the ill-fated 5 shops located at Keinou Thongthak are Sinam Nabachandra (55 years), son of late Sinam Nara who runs a lubricant and variety shop; Thingbaijam Rajesh (37), son of Thingbaijam Tomba who runs two wheeler workshops; Nameirakpam Shanta (61), son of Nameirakpam Yaima who runs a cycle workshop; and Ahongshangbam Bitam (32), son of Ahongshangbam Sanajaoba who runs an electronic store.

Around Rs. 6/7 lakh worth of properties of the shops were damaged in the storm.

On the other hand, many big trees were damaged and some uprooted, and power lines were ripped off in the storm in several areas under Bishnupur District.

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