Streets bore deserted look as state responses to ‘Janata Curfew’, thousands applaud medical professionals

Streets bore deserted look as state responses to ‘Janata Curfew’, thousands applaud medical professionals

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IMPHAL: Streets and roads across the state bore barren look on Sunday as people responded to PM Modi’s call for ‘Janata Curfew’ calling upon every citizen of the country to stay indoors from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM in a move to prevent the spread of Coronavirus if any.

By 5:00 PM, thousands were also seen on their balconies or localities, maintaining the required distance, and applauding all those in medical line for their fight against COVID-19.


In the capital city, the roads bore a deserted look as commuters stayed home while shops closed too. All public transport systems also stayed off while very less private vehicles, only those on emergency purposes, were seen on the roads.

The usually crowded Kangla area and the flyover were completely empty. Even streets of local areas too remained silent as there were no passengers.

However, in the evening at 5:00, thousands were seen either on their balconies or in their localities cheering all those in the medical line and fighting against the virus. All this while, they were seen maintaining the required distance between each other and there were no signs of handshakes or physical greetings. They smiled and waved at each other during the applause.


The 14 hours Nationwide Janta Curfew imposed by the Present Government, to stop spread of the Coronavirus diseases which has become a global pandemic, was also successfully implemented in Bishnupur District on Sunday.

Roads wore deserted look with no public or any vehicles travelling since early morning.

Many of the public remained confined inside their respective houses.

Main markets of the Bishnupur District like Nambol, Oinam, Bishnupur, Ningthoukhong, Moirang, Kumbi and other markets and tiddim roads as well as inner roads connecting one area to area of the villages wore deserted looks.

Meanwhile, without knowing the truth, most of the people remains confined in their houses in feared that some kind of chemical will be spread from an air-plane to avoid and stop spreading the global epidemic Coronavirus diseases.


While many might stayed indoor being Sunday, Chandel district headquarters also bore a deserted look. Usually, Sunday being a holiday, many would be seen playing football, cricket or any other matches. However, this Sunday no such matches were seen either.

Sunday are also seen as time for visiting friends and relatives. However, this Sunday the people of Chandel were seen confined to their homes and houses and there was no visiting of family, neighbours or relatives.

However, at 5:00 PM, a Police siren was sounded calling on all the people of the district to come out of their houses and applaud those in medical line, which the people responded.


The otherwise busy Kangpokpi DHQs on Sunday looked deserted as the people observed self-imposed quarantine for 14 hours extending support towards the Government in combating the spread of highly contagious coronavirus.

The otherwise crowded Churches in town on Sunday also wore a deserted look as all worship services were put on hold and people remained indoor considering the appeal of the District Administration as directed by the state Government following the Prime Minister appeal to observed ‘Jana Curfew’ today.

The Kangpokpi Town Committee and Kangpokpi Town Churches Fellowship in its emergency joint meeting yesterday afternoon decided to put on hold all the Sunday worship services. However, Church door remain open for individual prayer.

At around 5:00 pm sounds of clapping hands, ringing bells, fire brigade siren echoed the town as the people expressed their gratitude to all unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic and lauded those who were providing service during these dire times.

Some family member were seen standing and clapping their hands at their respective residence porch while some makes sounds using utensils inside their home. Others ring bells while some other comes out in the streets separately and clap when the fire brigade begin horning their siren along the national highway.

Meanwhile, the District Magistrate of Kangpokpi, Lalithambigai Kalidas, IAS, who is also the Deputy Commissioner of the district in exercise of powers conferred upon her under section 144 of CrPC 1973, prohibit the assembly of 4 (four) or more persons and movement of more persons outside their respective residences from 2:00 pm of today till 12 midnight of March 31, in the whole of Kangpokpi District.

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