Street vendors appeal for temporary space before proper place allocation

Street vendors appeal for temporary space before proper place allocation

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Demanding extension of vending hour as well as proper place allocation in bazar, street vendors come to street to protest on Saturday.

The street vendors blocked the roads near over bridge for some minutes but police intercepted and control the situation.

One of the vendor, Khwairakpam Roma from Thanga informed that before the assembly session, they could somehow managed to sell things in the streets even beyond the limit given by IMC, which is 5- 9 in the morning.

But as the assembly session ended, they do not get any chance to sell goods in the streets, she said while adding that police even snatched their belongings from their possession if they are found vending in the streets.

Roma said that Yaoshang festival is also approaching and they have to sell as much as possible to buy dress for their children besides the daily expenditure in running the family. But at present the street vendors are not given more time and space to continue their business, said Roma.

Many memorandums had been submitted to the department concerns and state government but there is no concrete policy till date, she added.

If the street vendors are not allocated a permanent place, the vending hour must be extended said Roma while adding that the vacant space above Ima Keithel can be allocated to the street vendors but that is not materialise yet. 

It may be mentioned that the street vendors has launched a protest and confronted with the police on January this year in protest against the IMC order which allows the street vendors to sell their goods between 5.00 am till 9.00 am in the morning and after 4.00 pm in the evening.

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