Stranded Ferret Badger Rescued

Stranded Ferret Badger Rescued

TMB Report

Thoubal: Amid lockdown, a stranded ferret badger (scientific name Melogale Orientalis) has been rescued and later released at its habitual place on Tuesday.

It is reported that the rare animal was rescued by Md. Salimuddin of Keirak, Kakching District from a place near to his residence on Tuesday early morning amid lockdown and then handed over to Range Forest Office, Kakching.

According to Range Forest Officer of Kakching Naorem Munal Meitei, the animal was released by a team of RFO Kakching at its natural habitual place after being treated for some minor injuries and conducting necessary physical health check up of the animal. 

Munal informed that ferret badgers generally live in holes or are ground dwellers. They are nocturnal, usually active at dusk and a kind of omnivorous animal, known to feed on small water animals like frog, birds, insects etc.

He also informed that once such animals were spotted in the state in a large number but nowadays they are on the verge of extincition. According to Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, Ferret Badgers are listed in the scheduled (II). Killing or selling or eating of this animal are punishable with 3 years imprisonment or fined a minimum of Rs. 25,000 or both.

If public spotted a stranded animal (animals), please save them first and  do inform or hand over to a nearby forest office as soon as possible, Munal requested.

“Our planet earth is also a home of animals, they equally contributed their shares. Our Mother Nature is designed for all the different species of the world. All animals have important roles in the ecosystem. Let us make our planet earth a greenery and most beautiful place to live forever by maintaining its ecosystem. Let us stop killing animals”, Munal said.

Munal also appealed the public to help forest department like Md. Salimuddin did.

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