‘Stop Paddy land allotment at Yaithibi Loukol for Medical Institution’

‘Stop Paddy land allotment at Yaithibi Loukol for Medical Institution’

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPRH) has sought the attention of the Hon’ble Chief Minister to stop land allotment for the setting up of the medical college at 44 Yaithibi Loukon which was once proposed to be used for the establishment of Food Park in the near past.

Kh. Phajaton, President of the forum stated in a press release that the land had been allocated for National Sports University which is still being opposed by the people as the cultivable land and its production are the only sources of livelihood for the people inhabited in the area. Providing compensation may have serious impact on the sustainable livelihood, he added.

“We learned that our government is committed to protect the cultivable land as such we would like to draw the attention of Hon’ble CM that most people in Manipur are dependent on the Agriculture land for their sustainable livelihood at this juncture of shrinking of paddy land mostly in valley,” the president said adding that the construction of said Medical institution will be a threat to the livelihood of the people who depends on the said loukol and people of Manipur in general. We also fear that such situation will also leads to more dependency to other state for the food which is also deprivation of right to food and nutrition, Phajaton added.

The YFPRH president also stated that large number of cultivable land have been sacrificed in the name of Development Projects which resulted in acute shortage of food production in the state and resulted in dependency to other state.

Our state has the history of large scale rice production which used to be exported; however, presently the status of food production has decreased due to acquisition of paddy land for various projects and others, he said.

The forum also laid down a ‘few area of urgent attention’, i.e. To stop land allotment for setting up of the medical Institution immediately as to save the paddy field for the livelihood of the people as per the “The Manipur Conservation of Paddy and Wetland Act, 2014”; To direct the District Commissioner of Thoubal District to make demarcation of allotment land for the construction of medical institution in meadow areas but not in the paddy field or any other place that could be related to destruction of environment and the state to monitor and stop on construction of any development work in the paddy field which are not sustainable and can be threat to right to food as per the “The Manipur Conservation of Paddy and Wetland Act, 2014.”

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