Stop issuing ILP permit amidst this pandemic: AMRDPWA

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The All Manipur Rickshaw Drivers’ and Pullers’ Welfare Association (AMRDPWA) has urged the state government to keep on hold the issuing of ILP passes for a while till the critical situation of Covid-19 pandemic sees a sufficient improvement.

A press release of AMRDPWA signed by its secretary organization Rosnikanta Takhelcha stated that many precious lives in the state have already been claimed by Covid-19 and more disconcertingly it is rapidly spreading to the corners of the state.  The current abnormalities in the functioning of normal affairs that are caused by the Coronavirus outbreak has given suffering and created panic situations to many, particularly those families that are dependent on daily wages earnings. Explaining its disagreement with the relaxation on the cessation of ILP pass order earlier imposed by the government at the beginning of Covid-19 onset in Manipur, the association predicted that issuing of ILP passes in the middle of the outbreak will cause more extensive spreading of the disease among the indigenous people. This very reason can become a critical one in causing sharp declines in the population of the minority indigenous communities dwelling in the state and even likely to lead to their complete extinction, the statement from the association said.

Once upon a time the state of Manipur occupied a spot in the green zone in terms of Coronavirus infection but now it has fallen into and remained stuck in the red zone with reported 11 lives lost so far, he said. Because of the comprehensive restriction on movement outside one’s home due to the situation of Covid-19, untold suffering and difficulties have been heaped upon every individual employed as rickshaw driver, he said. So, the statement continued, the association appealed to the state government to withdraw its order to renew issuing of passes under ILP.

The association further appealed to all stakeholders to obey and follow the SOP directives brought into effect by the Governments’ in order to wipe out the dreaded disease completely from the surface of Manipur.  

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