State govt asked to evacuate Manipuri students from Kyrgyzstan

TMB Report 

IMPHAL: The All Manipur Hujjaj (Haji) Welfare Association (AMHWA) has urged the state government to take up necessary arrangement for evacuation of native Manipuri medical students stranded in Kyrgyzstan due to the Covid-19 pandemic related lockdown and secure the grounds for their arrival at Bir Tikendrajit Airport in the state capital.

In a press release of AMHWA signed by chairman Haji Gayasuddin, it was informed that the Manipuri medical students in Kyrgyzstan have been facing a lot of misfortune being locked indoor in their own hostels and difficulty in payment of rents for the past three months since the Kyrgyzstan government decided to close down all the institutions over the Covid-19 pandemic.  

It is also said that the students from the other states of the country had returned to their respective states while those students from the northeast states have remained stranded in Kyrgyzstan, though Manipuri students comprise a majority among them, he added.  

However, the stranded students started registering for flight accommodation to return home in the Indian flight ‘Avia Traffic’ which was to fly from Biskek to Guwahati under Bande Bharat Mission, according to the current report.

Further, the AMHWA appealed to the state authority to accommodate the stranded students in the same flight and also ensure to take up necessary arrangements in advanced in case the flight happens to land in Guwahati.

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