SoO between GoI, GoM and UPF-KNO extended for another six months

SoO between GoI, GoM and UPF-KNO extended for another six months

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KANGPOKPI: Suspension of Operation (SoO) Agreement between Government of India, Government of Manipur and the two conglomerates of the Kuki UGs, United People’s Front (UPF) and Kuki National Organization (KNO) was extended for another six months on Friday at the national capital.

The Suspension of Operation with the UPF and KNO was effective upto February 29, 2020. However, it was extended for six more months, i.e. till August 31, 2020 based on mutual understanding of all the parties at New Delhi today.

Satyendra Garg, Joint Secretary (NE), Ministry of Home Affairs signed on behalf of the Government of India while one behalf of the Government of Manipur K. Radhashyam Singh, Special Secretary (Home), Government of Manipur signed the extensions of Suspension of Operations.

ST. Thangboi Kipgen, Chairman UPF, Calvin H, Secretary UPF, Sanga Hmar, Chairman HPC(D), Jacob Haokip, Convenor JMG and Ketheos Zomi signed on behalf of the UPF while David Hangshing, Vice President KNO, Tongpu Haokip, Kopham Khaling and Laltanpui Hmar singed for KNO.

As per the agreement the agreed ground rules shall remained unchanged.

ST. Thangboi Kipgen, Chairman UPF; Aaron Kipgen, Spokesperson UPF; Calvin H, Secretary UPF; Sanga Hmar, Chairman HPC (D), Jacob Haokip, Convenor JMG, David Chongloi , President KRA (U) and Ketheos Zomi represent the UPF in The meeting chaired by Satyendra Garg, Joint Secretary (NE), Ministry of Home Affairs while Seilen Haokip, Spokesperson KNO; T. Samuel, Home Secretary, KNO; David Hangshing, Vice President, KNO; Tongpu Haokip, Kopham Khaling and Laltanpui Hmar represented the KNO.

The meeting also discussed the recent joint memorandum submitted by the UPF and KNO to the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah about the alleged disruptive activities of Thanglianpao, President ZRO, the rival of Calvin H., former Vice President of ZRO and the Government of India restricted Thanglianpao to be a signatory in the extension of SoO agreement stating that MHA has executed enquiry upon him and until his case has been solve he shall not be entertain as a signatory in any matter related to the SoO and the political dialogue.

The joint memorandum of UPF and KNO signed by ST. Thangboi, Chairman UPF and PS. Haokip, President KNO stated that Thanglianpao is not an Indian citizen. He was born and brought up from Pangmual, a border village in the India Myanmar border. He was elected MP from the National League for Democracy in Burma and therefore has no right to be a part of Peace Negotiation with the Government of India and Government of Manipur.

It also stated that due to his partisan designs, a misunderstanding between Calvin, the then Vice President of ZRO erupted in late 2018. While Calvin desire to sincerely pursue peace for the greater good and was against the formation of ZRA Eastern Command (Myanmar Branch). The forcible and unlawful formation of parallel Paite Tribe Council led by his puppet Dr. DK Mang held hostage the assembly elected President K. Suanthang in a blatant disregard of democratic values. Also, Chinlunthang is the serving elect President of the United Zou Organization (UZO) however Thanglianpao asserting his armed ZRA strength made Hangkhanpao, favouring Zomi, the President of UZO and split the Zou people into two groups.

The joint memorandum further stated Zomi Defence Volunteer (ZDV) is a constituent of KNO, Thanglianpao supports a factional ZDV and force Zou chiefs to append their signature in favour of Zomi. His lucratic designs have cut cross the Hmar people’s Convention (HPC) in ways that are no longer tolerable. While the HPC (D) Mizoram and the Government of Mizoram struck an accord in 2018, ending violence and laying down weapons, rehabilitation and reintegration of cadres already dispersed. Thanglianpao regroup and rearmed these cadres in Manipur much and Hmar people in general. Arms, ammunition and funding were made to the new HPC (D) group led by LK Hmar. Mentioned may be made that the HPC (D) Manipur under the leadership of Sanga Hmar is a constituent unit of UPF and has sincerely been distancing himself from the violence against the novice HPC (D) led by LK Hmar who is not even a registered cadre in the HPC (D) under SoO with the Government.

It also stated that much to the chagrin of the Government of Manipur, a broad banner was hung over the bridge of Tuivai, emblazoned with ‘Welcome to Zoland!’ which is not the common interest of all. On November 25, a public procession with multiple placards demanding ‘Zoland territorial Council’ was carried out in Churachandpur and New Delhi.

It further stated that to promote cultural interaction among the Kuki, Chin, Mizo people under the title Zo, the Zo-Re Unification Organization GHQs and Zo-Re Unification Northern Zone, in 2018 conceived at Vairengte, Mizoram the idea of celebrating ‘ZoKutPui’. This year in 2020 without consulting the Zo-Re Unification Organization GHQs and Zo-Re Unification Northern Zone, Thanglianpao organized ‘ZoKutPui’ at Churachandpur. However, Zo-Re Unification Northern Zone and Kuki Inpi Manipur raised objections because of Thanglianpao’s duplicitous design to capitalize the event to promote ‘Zoland Territorial Council’.

The memorandum then stated that Thanglianpao’s disruptive activities are not only detrimental and divisive for our small minority Kuki community, but they have also brought unnecessary condemnation from our Meitei neighbours. Therefore, at an emergency meeting held on February 14, 2020, UPF and KNO decided to urge Government to oust Thanglianpao from SoO and repatriate him to Myanmar from where he arrived a few years ago in Churachandpur. As a member of National League for Democracy in Burma, one would expect certain qualities in his leadership. However, his time in Churachandpur has revealed his true nature- dictatorial and arrogance combined- which is not conducive for a democracy preferable to our people.

It also opined that Thanglianpao’s departure from Manipur, particularly Churachandpur, would remove obstacles that have been in the way of peaceful coexistence and development of our people while adding that it has also become clear that Thanglianpao and rest of the SoO groups would not be in a position to sign under one Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) because of his take on issued as mentioned.

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