Sodium Hypochloride solution sprayed at LCM Moirang

Sodium Hypochloride solution sprayed at LCM Moirang

TMB Report

Bishnupur: As part of the precautionary measures taken up by State Government to fight against Covid-19, the School Management Committee of Loktak Christian Model High School, MAMPIL Moirang and NDRF 12 Battalion Branch of NDRF 12 Battalion Doimukh Arunachal Pradesh attached to 2nd MR, Imphal has jointly sprayed disinfectant Sodium Hypochloride Solution at the school buildings and the campus of Loktak Christian Model (LCM) High School, Moirang on Monday.

Chairman of SMC Rev. Kh. Surajkumar, President MAMPIL Moirang K. Padamo, Secretary N. Thaba and members and volunteers of various clubs took part at the disinfectant Sodium Hypochloride Solution spraying occasion.

A team of NDRF led by ASI/GD M. Arun carried out the spraying of the disinfectant Sodium Hypochloride Solution.

Later, a memento was gifted to the NDRF team from the School Management Committee side after the sprayed of the Sodium Hypochloride solution.

Mention maybe that Loktak Christian Model High School was opened as Community Quarantine Centre for Moirang Constituency and now the school has closed from further being the Community Quarantine Centre as the quarantine inmates has  been discharged after completion of their quarantine days and there is no further persons that will be under quarantine at the centre.

Speaking at the occasion Rev. Kh. Surajkumar appeals to the parents and guardians of the students of the school not to further worry while sending their children at the school as the school building and the campus has been fully sanitized.

He said, the school is now Covid free and further appreciated NDRF 12 Battalion for the sprayed of the disinfectants solution at the school.

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