Social researcher Serto rates ongoing budget session

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Social Researcher, Serto Tondana Kom has presented his personal report on the ongoing budget session for the year 2020-21 with the social context of living in Manipur.  

Speaking media persons at Manipur Press Club on Sunday, Serto expressed his opinion on the estimation of this year budget. His began listing his top priority points with art and culture at -0.18 percent. He explained that art and culture department plays a vital role in society so we must put more investment to this department for exposure and preservation of our rich culture, crafts, traditions etc, which can be used to lure tourism leading to increase in income. It was mentioned that the budget in this department has been decreased compared to the previous year.

Youth Affairs and Sports budget scored 0.37. He said that Manipur is a power house of sports in India and there are many talented youngsters but still sport facilities and materials are lacking. Good sportsman can bring big changes to our state and life style of the person, he stated.

Horticulture and Soil Conservation was rated at 0.56 and Serto said that in Manipur only 8 percent is plain area whereas 92 percent is hilly areas. He mentioned that poppy plantation had come up in the state due to the lack of improper implementation of horticulture schemes and soil conservation.

The Commerce and Industries received 0.97. Serto said that there are no large industries in Manipur which can provide sufficient job creation in large numbers to the youths adding that most of the items used in the state are imported from other states. He appealed to the budget committee to give more investment in this department.

 The score for agriculture is 2.0. He said that in a state like Manipur, cultivation is the main occupation. We must give more investment in agriculture to get self-satisfaction and only after that state can enjoy, he added.

The total percentage of Social welfare is 2.24 and Serto stated that the life span is always attached to social welfare schemes like old age pension and other pensioner scheme, Anganwadi, Mid-day meal scheme etc which is very profitable and raise standard of living.

Serto appealed to the finance committee to look upon the top priorities department and he opined that there is a possibility of deficit like what happened in the previous year if we do not define the top priorities, he added.

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