Social distancing ‘a must’ to dodge transmission among inmates: Nemcha

Social distancing ‘a must’ to dodge transmission among inmates: Nemcha

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KANGPOKPI: Considering safety of returnees inside Institutional Quarantine Centres, Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen today chaired a review meeting deliberating on evading transmission among the inmates at various Institutional Quarantine Centres in the district.

The review meeting Chaired by Minister Nemcha Kipgen was attended by DM/DC Kangpokpi, Somorjit Salam, IAS; Vice Chairman, ADC Sadar Hills, Thangjakam Misao; ADM/ADC Kangpokpi Lalramsang Infimate, MCS; AC to DC Kangpokpi, Kaigoulal Kipgen, MCS; CMO Kangpokpi, Dr. Nilakanta Singh; Addl.SP (Ops), Kangpokpi, Lalminlen Misao, MPS; SDOs, Medical Superintendent of District Hospital and MOs, DSO and RRT officials, PHED, MSPDCL, PWD and other DLOs.

As desired by Minister Nemcha Kipgen, as to how transmission among the inmates at various Institutional Quarantine Centres can be avoided was profoundly deliberated during the review meeting among many other issues, where the officials put suggestions and their heads together to find the best solution on it.

Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen asserted that among many other ways and means, strictly maintaining social distancing at the Institutional Quarantine Centres on the part of the inmates will serve as the key factor in avoiding transmission among them.

She pointed out that there are few laudable inmates in some Institutional Quarantine Centres who are exemplary for many others by following the strict IQCs protocol despite of many grievances which helped in avoiding transmission among them while also helping the Government and the frontline workers who worked day and night for their welfare as well as a lot.

“We are really proud of such educated inmates who not only understand the situation but also know their responsibility and duty inside the Institutional Quarantine Centres”, said the Minister and exhorted others to copy and followed the mindset of the commendable inmates in the larger interest of all.

The Minister also said that the quarantine period could sustained beyond a month if the inmates defy the IQCs guidelines and protocol thereby compelling transmission among the inmates while adding that the Government has already decided to take appreciate action to inmates defying the IQCs protocols.

She further said that male and female returnees from now on shall be put at separate Institutional Quarantine Centres stating that there are lots of problems when both male and female are lodged together in the same quarantine centres even if they are in separate room.

Meanwhile, the meeting also decided to deactivate Institutional Quarantine Centres set up in Saikul and Saitu areas temporarily while Institutional Quarantine Centres within the District Headquarters and its adjoining area shall host the remaining returnees so as to run more efficiently and effectively. However, EMRS Gamnom Saparmeina in Saitu shall be in reserve for flight passengers and if required the IQCs at Saikul and Saitu shall also be reopen again.

It was also decided that catering for Institutional Quarantine Centres within Kangpokpi DHQs and its adjoining area shall be centralized in one particular place if required in future. The meeting further resolved that after regulation of markets in the District Headquarters, the District police shall ensure that safety protocols are strictly followed by market goers and social distancing is strictly maintained.

Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen also take stock of the situation with regards to IQCs, sample collection and results, etc. during the meeting.

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