Six students’ bodies stir in protest at DM College Campus

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Six student’s bodies namely AIMS, AMSU, DESAM, MSF, KSA and SUK launched a protest citing dissatisfaction with the handling of the Coronavirus situation by the administration and their members paraded holding placards displaying their written demands at DM College, Thangmeiband on Tuesday.

The main demands of the six student’s bodies focused on making the state government’s strategy clear to the people as well as take up immediate exigency measures.

Lockdown is not a silver bullet, this cannot be used to tackle Covid-19, and instead of making fear overwhelm the people it should teach them the reality and reveal its plan on fighting the pandemic disease to all the public. The policy that is being taken up by the government and those which is to be taken up should be made known to every person in the state by calling frequent press conferences and media interaction.

The students appealed to the government to take up a comprehensive awareness programme for the public on Covid-19 and teach them the right ways of living with the ongoing difficulties. A prominent demand of the students’ bodies is for the conversion of RIMS Hospital into a designated non-Covid hospital. Make proper availability of life saving drugs and facilities as well as multi-vitamins tablets to the people to strengthen the immune system.

The organizations also demanded that all hospitals should be opened for medical care and special measures should be taken up for those who are performing a duty in essential services. It urges the state government to form cabinet sub-committees for medical, food/public distribution system, economic awareness, economy, education. The government was further urged to initiate measures to strengthen the economy and provide proper essential items to every stakeholder in the state.

On behalf of the six student’s bodies, president of AMSU Peter Laishram informed that an awareness programme will be conducted on living together along with the Coronavirus pandemic.

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