Six students’ bodies condemn blocking of passageway amidst lockdown

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The six student bodies comprising of AIMS, AMSU,DESAM, KSA, MSF and SUK has condemned in a strongest term the blocking of public passageway, including road and entrance gates to localities currently in place in most areas reprimanding that such activities are quite unfair in the middle of the pandemic lockdown.

In a joint press release of the six student’s bodies, it was stated that following the suggestion of the experts and protocols laid down by the government are available options to fight against this disease. Hence, every citizen needs to have proper awareness about the safety mechanism but it was unnecessary to engage in blocking the passageways with extreme panic, resulting in great disturbances to the emergency services, the release said.

Moreover, the six student bodies appealed to all the concerned local organizations, and clubs to stay away from harboring an immature mindset of blocking public routes and concentrate on spreading awareness and staying at home.

On the other hand, the six bodies drew the attention of the home department to be more minute about the information contained in further notification about the measures taken up to contain the outbreak. The students have also complained of unequal treatment by the government in exercising its power and warned that the matter is being taken with seriousness.

The students’ bodies alleged that the authorities are bent on creating problems by issuing orders for stationing of non-locals in Quarantine Centres, even though their presence is not very necessary. The arrangements are in violation of the official SOP issued, and meant to satisfy the interest of a selected groups, claimed the joint release.

On the plans to resume issuance of ILP passes, the students’ organizations predicted that it is destined to run into opposition from the common people. The government will not be able to garner the support of people for the mistaken faith on resuming the issuance of ILP pass against the interest of the people, while abandoning the incomplete fight of Covid-19 pandemic, the release added.

The joint student bodies also sought the government to arrange a separate Covid-19 care centre in each of the different general hospitals as the numbers of positive cases have increased in the state. Moreover, with the demand for treatment for non-Covid-19 diseases on the rise it appealed to the concerned authority to resume normal treatment for the other patients. Further, the students’ bodies have hailed the commitment and service of all the frontline workers like security personnel, media persons, doctors, nurses and others essential services providers.

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