Signatories call for booking of culprit for spreading false news against lone MDC

TMB Report

Ccpur: The situation over the allegations that the lone MDC of ADCC tested positive of Coronavirus heated up at Churachandpur when the election committee of Muallum MDC  with more than 70 signatories petitioned the SP of Churachandpur that the culprit who made the false allegation be booked sooner than later lest the people whom she represented will remained mere spectators.

  In a press note signed by the chairman of election committee, the press note said that the accusation that the lone MDC of ADCC had been staying in a camp at the quarter of MLA Vungzagin Valte at  Lamphel was not true saying that  due to deadlock for change of leadership  at ADCC Grace Zamnu and her others campers were stationed at Thangbeiband close to Manipur Legislative Assembly. The rumour was to tarnish her image ahead of the coming ADC election, it was claimed.

The press note said that irrespective of her gender the lone ADCC member had  shown a motherly figure for the whole of  Churachandpur District and that being a dutiful citizen she always maintained her sanity and take care of her health and accusing her of testing Covid-19 positive was perceived as a ploy to assassinate her reputation.

If such gender discrimination and uncalled harassment prevails in our society the future of women and weaker section will be in dark shadow. So, the concerned authority is requested to take befitting action at the earliest so that it is not repeated again, said that press note.

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