SCPC distributes rice at Rs 5/kg

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Sagolband Constituency Progressive Committee (SCPC) has started distribution of rice at a rate of 4 kg to every person above the age of 5 years through the FPS/agents and SCPC committee on Saturday for the month of April under the leadership of the Salgolband MLA RK. Imo Singh though the Assembly constituency has not received any additional quota of rice yet.

In a press release SCPC Convenor Ng. Shashikanta Singh stated that the SCPCs aims to ensure that no person in the Sagolband Assembly constituency is deprived of their rights of rice quota as per assurance given by the MLA. Essential items will reach the residents of Sagolband AC in accordance with the direction given by the state government, it stated and requested those families who have not got their rice quota to contact their respective agents and committee or the office of the SCPC at the residents of Sagolband MLA. It may be possible that people are left out as there are thousands residing in Sagolband, he added.

He mentioned with the possibility of extension of the lockdown SCPC is preparing to distribute essential items like onions, edible oils, vegetables and others items which it had procured for around 9000 families within the few days during this lockdown period. He further stated that provision for handing over drinking water will be made in the future as well mentioning that potable water were already provided to Mabudhou Mantri Leikai Maning, Salam Leikai Mamang Leirak, Salam Leikai Maning Leirak, Kwairakpam Leikai and Meino Leirak.    

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