SBCC condemns alleged high-handedness of couple by BJP workers, CYC

SBCC condemns alleged high-handedness of couple by BJP workers, CYC

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Imphal: The Saitu Block Congress Committee (SBCC) has condemned in the strongest term the unfortunate incident that happened on Wednesday in which a couple was brutally beaten and threatened with death by BJP workers and volunteers of Conungjang Youth Club (CYC).

The couple has been identified as Gongsinrei Malangmei, 26, and his wife Lureilu Malangmei, 20, who hail from Pongringlong (Charoipandongba) village located within the Saitu Gamphazol sub-division of Kangpokpi district.

Addressing media persons at Manipur Press Club on Thursday, Gongsinrei Malangmei narrated the story that on Wednesday morning at around 9.30 AM, when he and his wife were on the way to the paddy field, some BJP workers and volunteers of Conungjang Youth Club (CYC) appeared suddenly and stopped them on the way. The couple was taken to the office of Conungjang club. After reaching the club, they asked various questions and started abusing them. They were later brutally beaten, Malangmei said.

While interrogating the couple the persons told Malangmei that his family has been chased out from the village, so why have they come back again. They started threatening him and told that the approval of the village authority was needed to step out from the village.

He said the BJP workers and volunteers instructed him not to return to the village again and not to cast votes for the by-election.

Malangmei was told that if his family members step out from their house and show their faces at the polling booth with the plan to cast votes, then they will be murdered at the spot. The workers and volunteers present at the club’s office which numbered around 30 took his (Gongsinrei) signature forcefully. The reason for taking the signature was that he and his family would not be allowed to cast votes and step out from the village on the day of the bye-poll, he explained.

He appealed to the state government and concerned authorities to look into the matter and take up an action to those people involved in the incident.

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) Co-opted Member of SBCC Banthaolung Panmei strongly condemned the heartbreaking incident, and said that if the incident was purely personal it will be another matter but as it was in connection with the upcoming bye-poll to be held on Saturday the state government should take it very seriously and ensure that the family cast their votes to the party they want.

He appealed to the government and election commission to take up steps so that Malangmei and his family can cast their votes as their own will on the day.

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