Saplings planted at the sacred place of forest deities

Saplings planted at the sacred place of forest deities

TMB Report

THOUBAL: The Lai Committee of Ima Yaiphulembi, a forest deity, and Range Forest Officer Kakching Naorem Munal jointly conducted a mass social work programme followed by a tree sapling plantation on Saturday at the front side of Kakching Hills known as “Laipham Loknung”, a scared place where people since time immemorial believed to be the hiding place of Gods.

It is said that the Lai committee had resolved to consecrate the said sacred place for the deity, Ima Yaiphulembi.

The committee members along with RO N. Munal had planted several tree saplings at the site on Saturday.RO Munal planted a five feet high Magnolia Teracarpo  ( U thambal)  plant to coincide with the sixth day ritual ceremony of his new born granddaughter. He brought the sapling from Moirang, a village reigned by God Marjing and dedicated the plant to his granddaughter.

On the occasion, RO Munal stated that in Manipuri society, forest deity plays a crucial role in safeguarding and preserving forests and ecosystems .It is because of the fear reserved for forest deities that several big trees were found growing in places where the deities are consecrated. So, in order to save our mother earth and the environment, such tree plantation drive was being done, he asserted. Let us make the trees that were planted grow fully and also make our earth more beautiful and the most pleasant place where we can live peacefully by planting more trees, he pleaded.

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