‘Sahnit is a cultural and traditional practice of seeking to resolve issues for peace’

‘Sahnit is a cultural and traditional practice of seeking to resolve issues for peace’

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KANGPOKPI: As the Kukis across the globe gears up to observed ‘Sahnit’ commonly known as the ‘Kuki Black Day’ again on September 13, the Kuki Inpi Manipur manifestly elucidated about the event and how it should be observe during the pandemic this year. 

Giving brief details about Sahnit, KIM said that it is a ritual of mourning for the Kuki people who died of tragic or unnatural death until the case of the deceased is completely settled. This customary ritual has been stringently observed by our forefathers since the days of yore and is still being practiced solemnly by the Kukis today.

On September 7, 1995 a meeting was held by the Kukis under the aegis of Kuki Inpi Manipur to observe 13 September as Sahnit (Black day) for the victims of the NSCN (IM) ethnic pogroms, which resulted in the death of more than 1000 innocent Kuki civilians, uprooting of 360 villages and displacement of more than one lakh Kukis between the year 1992 to 1995, as the case has not been settled till today as per Kukis’ customary rites & practices, it said.

It also said that the Kuki people since then have been observing 13 September as Kuki Black Day/Sahnit Ni not to sow hatred or enmity, but as a traditional mourning, which will continue till the issue of their killings are appropriately resolved and added that the solemn observance all over the world by the Kukis is a cultural and traditional practice of seeking to resolve issues for peace to reign in the land.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and the SOPs enforced by the state government, the KUKI Inpi Manipur decided to observe the Kuki Black Day on September 13 in the following manner.

It should be observe as a day of mass prayer for the Kukis. The Mass prayer will begin from 11 am till 1 pm. No individual or persons on this day should move out of home or travel outside except for participation in the Black Day programme.

Working in farms or fields should be avoided by one and all. All donations/contributions made in cash or kinds during prayer should be submitted to KIM.

All block/unit level programmes should be made known to the concerned Inpis. Districts and Block Inpis should ensure for effective observance. Prayer programmes organized in the Church should be monitored by the respective church elders, in strict compliance of the SOPs guidelines.

KCLF leaders irrespective of which church/denomination they belong to should ensure that prayers for the Kuki people are held in the church this year between 11 am till 1 pm with the prayer items as laid down by respective local church leaders.

Black flag should be hoisted on the roof of all Kuki houses from morn till sunset as a mark of respect and remembrance for the deceased. All the executives/officer bearers/staffs of Kuki Inpi Manipur will observe the Black Day at Kuki Black Day Monument, KIC Complex Churachandpur.

Every individuals, groups, organizations or association should wear black dress and take serious note of the above regulations and render every necessary service according to their own capacity for the successful observance of the Black Day program.

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