RS result not a verdict of majority, Biren-led govt still a minority: O. Joy

RS result not a verdict of majority, Biren-led govt still a minority: O. Joy

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IMPHAL: Reiterating that the N Biren-led coalition government is still in minority after nine MLAs (four NPP, 3 BJP, 1 AITC and 1 Independent) had withdrawn support, regardless of the verdict of the Rajya Sabha election, veteran politician Okram Joy has demanded that a special Assembly session should be convened to find out whether the government still enjoys a majority through a floor test.

Addressing reporters at his Kakwa residence, the firebrand Congress leader lamented that the Governor has failed to take up any action as per the parliamentary practices despite the newly formed Secular Progressive Front, a coalition of Congress, NPP, AITC and the lone independent legislator, having staked claim to form the Government showing proof of having the support of enough legislators.

Joy dared Chief Minister N Biren to respond boldly and make recommendation to the Governor himself to convene the special house session for floor test to prove his majority. What is the harm in convening a special house for floor test if the Chief Minister feels that his government still commands the majority, Joy questioned as an ostensible reaction to Biren’s assertion that the BJP’s victory at the Rajya Sabha election is testimony of his government’s having majority support in the House. Joy also questioned the delay in convening the special house session by the Governor.

Citing that the present BJP led Government in the state is not legal, O Joy recollected that BJP which won only 21 seats in the State Assembly election manipulated to form the Government in 2017 with support from 4 MLAs of NPP, 4 MLAs of NPF, one AITC MLA, one LJSP MLA and one independent. Governor, as per norms, failed to invite the Congress which emerged as the single largest party with 28 MLAs to form the Government. In a democracy, it is mandatory for the Governor to invite the single largest party to form the government. He also pointed out that before the formation of the Government, no floor test was conducted in the House in order to prove its majority. The Governor bypassed all such democratic procedures and her action has left a black spot in the political history of the country, he added.

Political experts in the country are still analyzing the political situation in the state.  No pre-poll alliance was formed before the election. However, BJP along with support from other parties formed the Government. Inviting BJP which won only 21 MLAs to form Government was a wrong step on the part of the Governor, who is supposed to safeguard the Constitution, he said.

Stating that Biren Government is in the minority in the present after nine MLAs withdrew their support, he demanded the Governor to convene a special house session and confirm whether the present government enjoys a majority. In some states, there are precedence of conducting floor test within 24 hours, he mentioned.

Taking a jibe at Chief Minister N Biren who claimed that the winning of the lone RS MP seat has proved the majority of his Government, O Joy said that the chief minister is ignorant of the parliamentary system of the country. He said that result of RS poll does not count as a representation of government majority as it is the House which will prove majority of the Government.

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