RPF expresses concern over growing discrimination against NE people amidst fight for COVID-

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IMPHAL, APRIL 9: The Proscribed Revolutionary Peoples Front (RPF) said that People of the WESEA region, particularly the students and different professionals, have been facing series of racial discrimination, rape, physical assault, murder, mockery in mainland India for the last 30 years as the mainland Indian rulers, intellectuals and their people as a whole never considered them as their own blood brothers.

In a statement issued by Publicity Secretary RPF, the party stated that racial discrimination in mainland India is quite evident from the Police which always show a negligence to the complaints lodged by the students of WESEA who are staying in Delhi regarding the series of racial discrimination they face.

Following series of crimes meted out to the WESEA region, one Manipuri MLA and MP met the then Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on January 9, 2008 and apprised her about the issue. However, the then CM wooed them by just giving a mere assurance that the matter would be forwarded to the Union Home Minister, the RPF said. Subsequently, Delhi police published a booklet entitled “Security Tips for North East Students/visitors in Delhi” for safety of the WESEA people from various Crimes.

In fact, the said Booklet is a mockery to the students and people of WESEA. One Arunachal Pradesh origin, Robin Hibu, a pro-Indian IPS officer, Deputy Commissioner at West Delhi Police, who believes that Rukamini, the wife of Krishna was from Arunacha Pradesh, was appointed Spokesperson, the party stated further. According to the Booklet, woman from the North East should take care of their dress in view of the local people and should not consume extremely smelly food. The Booklet directs the woman not to wear sensual dress and loiter alone. Such malicious Booklet has depicted the North east woman in the wrong light and attempts to sow seed of psychological dependency among the minds of the people in the WEAEA region, it further stated.

Fermented fish, fermented Soyabin and fermented bamboo shoots are the favourite food of the People in WESEA region. However, the booklet of the Delhi police restricts consumption of such food, the RPF stated.

That India does not treat the WESEA people as their blood brothers can be evident from the BJP vision document published in connection with Delhi State Assembly election 2015 which clearly mentioned that people from WESEA region are immigrants. The people of WESEA region have experienced the sudden surge in racial discrimination recently after the COVID-19 outbreak, the party stated.

After COVID-19 originated from china, North East people having similar facial outlook with Chinese have been discriminated in mainland India. Mainland Indians have made a mockery of the North east People by calling them Coronavirus, the party and sited of an incident of March 22 when a Manipuri girl was spat by a two wheeler borne man in Delhi University, calling her as Coronavirus. Such racial discrimination are occurring in Bengaluru, Mumbai etc. In a most shocking incident, a Manipuri woman serving in a hospital in Delhi to treat the COVID affected patients was not allowed to take Autorikshaw. A two wheeler borne man molested her recently. On April 9, two Manipuri students studying B.tech in Hyderabad were restricted from entering a shop to buy essential commodities , the RPF pointed out.

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