RNYO notifies on Rongmei General Assembly

RNYO notifies on Rongmei General Assembly

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Rongmei Naga Youth Organization (RNYO) has notified to all concerned civil organizations and members of the community that the recently conducted Rongmei General Assembly on September 25, 2020 and its outcome should not be interpreted as the mandate of the people.

In its notification signed by president Kanpatlung Pamei, the organization gave the judgment that the general assembly did not constitute or represent all the Rongmei people from the three states and other places inhabited by people of the community. Furthermore, it was unconstitutional and manhandled by a few ‘unprincipled leaders who professed themselves as leaders and tried to distort and disturb the people’ with their illogical doctrines of thoughts and whimsical theories, the RNYO stated.

The RNYO declared that the meeting was unconstitutional and thus the decisions taken there cannot be allowed. “The organizations involved/participated in the said general assembly shall be ousted and nullified. RNCM shall no longer be a recognized body of the Rongmei people. All the concerned units of the RNYO in the states and outside are informed to comply and adhere to the directives of RNYO accordingly,” the notification read.

The organization also added that youths of the time should not fail in letting people belonging to the community to be disappointed by such unlawful activists. We shall stand strong to defy the wrong and defend our people at all cost, the notification added.

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