RN Ravi lacks statesmanship in dealing with the Indo-Naga political issue: KNPO to PM Modi

RN Ravi lacks statesmanship in dealing with the Indo-Naga political issue: KNPO to PM Modi

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IMPHAL: The Khurmi Naga Peoples’ Organization (KNPO) has submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighting its displeasure against Nagaland governor RN Ravi for lacking statesmanship in dealing with the Indo-Naga political issue.

The memorandum signed by the KNPO president Paulhring Langphu, general secretary Huten Alexander, NSUC president David Langphu and general secretary Tepamran Maku  strongly pressed upon the prime minister office for immediate necessary action under the argument that the ‘Indo-Naga impasse’ being a political issue, an interlocutor ought to be a statesman with political will to work out solution for an early settlement.

Pending the signing of final solution, Ravi must be restrained from meddling with the Naga political issue, as the talk assumed at the Prime Ministerial level and the Prime Minister of India must take responsibility and sit across the table with the NSCN (IM) leadership for political decision as the talk has supposedly exhausted all the competencies, the Naga organization pointed out in the memorandum.

“The Indo-Naga Political conflict has had an enduring history of blood, tears and lives that led to the signing of a ceasefire agreement between the Government of India and the Naga Government on 1st August 1997. Such agreement underlines the parity of the two entities that allows entering in a political talk. Mention must be made that the term “political talk” denotes an affair between the two free-standing entities into a dialogue for a win-win solution. Hence, the 1st NDA Government under the Prime Ministership of late Atal Bihari Vajpayee took cognizance of the Naga case and recognized henceforth the unique history and situation of the Nagas on 10 July 2002, and invited the Naga leaders into India for serious engagement in the political talk,” KNPO added

While stating that the Nagas believed that series of political talks between India and the Naga Nationalist Organization led to the signing of the visionary “Framework Agreement”, under the prime minister’s auspicious guidance on 3rd August 2015 in which both the India and Nagalım celebrates the announcement of the Framework Agreement, the memorandum said it was characterized for churning out a model of political relationship between the two entities.

However, to the dismay of everyone, the memorandum stated the Indian interlocutor RN Ravi failed to reason out with the Naga leaders for a final solution to the vexed problem. Instead, he became obstinate in his opinion by announcing that the political talk was concluded on 31st October 2019. Subsequently, in order to shield his obstinacy, Ravi began to blame NSCN leaders for failures of the talk without realizing that he was appointed to engage in negotiation on the competing claims between the two entities. The organization also charged that Ravi has in a recent development audaciously termed the aged-old Naga Nationalist Organizations as armed-gangs, not to mention that, it was the same organization whom India engage in political talk at the Prime Ministerial Level.

Further, KNPO expressed its deep sadness that Ravi also ostentatiously began to display ‘his obsolete bureaucratic tactics to bulldoze the Indo-Naga issue as a mere law and order problem, thereby, he single handedly began to draw his battle line in Nagalim.’

 KNPO said his recent letter to chief minister of Nagaland Nephiu Rio on 16 June, 2020 vide D.O no. G-02/1-00 REB, exposed his immaturity to be an interlocutor, sans any statesmanship on resolving the prolonged Indo-Naga problems. The letter pointed out clearly that the interlocutor was more interested in meddling with daily mundane affairs of the Nagaland state rather than finding early solution, the memorandum mentioned.

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