RLP (AMN) expresses resentment

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Rongmei Luh Phuam (RLP) Assam, Manipur & Nagaland on Tuesday expressed strong resentment about the long pending, unsettled problem between the recognized and other private schools.

It was further said that all are going through tough times, this is the time everyone needs to be concerned for one another, not self-seeking or not to be selfish. We know that our Education Minister Dr. Th. Radheshyam Singh has been doing many good things for our state but at least for his press briefing on July, 4, 2020, the organization said giving its opinion in a press release.

“We are sorry that the responsible leader cannot give imbalanced statements for the welfare of our society. He did not see both sides of the coin, a responsible leader should think back and forth before he speaks, private schools are not own by him nor do they get any support from the government, he can only suggest/advice but should not act as a law enforcing agency, said the press release.

The release further asked how will the schools repay heavy debts and loans? We really appreciate his concern for the students and teachers at the same time. The government must come out with policies and programs for helping out the institutions instead of threatening them. We have seen many private institutions all over the country suffering at the point of time, the Rongmei body stated.

All the other developmental works can rest for sometimes and focus all the resources towards education, health and starving citizens. Special monetary packages should be extended to these private schools if we are to come out with long lasting solutions. The ruling government must take as an urgent part of action or prompt action to address these issues, added the statement.

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