RIMS Authority clarifies

RIMS Authority clarifies

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IMPHAL: RIMS Authority has refuted a media report claiming lapses on its part in dealing with the present COVID-19 crisis, clarifying that the hospital authorities have been tackling the issue of COVID-19 properly ever since the second case of COVD-19 in the state was admitted to RIMS Hospital Covid Block on 31st March, 2020

RIMS Medical Superintendant in a statement said that the hospital authority has been working tirelessly round the clock along with other frontline workers, the nurses, technicians, attendants, cleaners etc to contain the menace of COVlD-19.  So far, RIMS Hospital has treated 285 COVlD-19 patients and 241 have recovered and discharged, it asserted while lauding the doctors and nurses and other frontline workers who are attending to their tasks tirelessly round the clock. As per as the last count at the time of issuing the statement, there are 44 patients in RIMS Hospital COVID ward, the MS informed.

Due to the increasing number of positive cases among Health Care Workers, the authority issued a circular directing all employees to undergo testing.  Testing in large number of almost all the staff has been done from July 23 to July 30 and nearly 2000 employees and the patients have been tested so far with available resources. Still the testing process is going on at the RDL through Flu Clinic, it said.

The Medical Superintendant further stated that RIMS authority has been issuing large number of PPEs for the personal safety of the frontline workers and so far 5758 PPEs has been issued as per hospital record while trying to contain the disease. There is no shortage of PPEs, N-95 masks, and whenever there is demand, there is promptly issuance.

Quarantine is one area where RIMS authority is taking keen interest. So far RIMS authority has opened up Quarantine Sites at New Nursing College, Old Nursing College, Gymkhana, Guest House, and recently some of the wards inside RIMS Hospital and so far 213 people are in Quarantine Centres of RIMS in following with the prevailing protocol, it added. 

Regarding the nursing duty, it clarified that there is no bias in arranging COVLD-19 duty. It is done on lottery system and by concerned ward nursing sisters and staff.

RIMS authority appealed to all the staff to co-operate with the authority to fight the disease in unison, citing that only a collective fight can overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

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