Rights body condemns atrocities by Assam Rifles

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) has strongly condemn the atrocities committed by the Assam Rifles posted in Manipur for the last many decades which resulted in committing Rape and Murder, Rape, Extrajudicial Execution, Torture, Involved in Drug smuggling etc.

The recent incident of harassment and molestation which led to outraging and modesty of woman namely Ms. Anupam (IPS), SDPO Yairipok by the 12th Assam Rifle posted at Khudengthabi is highly condemnable, Kh. Phajaton, President of the forum said in a press release. It clearly proved that if such attitude could have been committed to a respected officer of the state what would have been the situation towards the civilians by the Assam Rifles, he questioned.

One cannot deny the fact the Assam Rifle commits sexual violence as in the recent past there has been a case reported on the 18th of November, 2019 wherein one lady was sexually assaulted by the Assam Rifles personnel at Khudengthabi, he added.

Phajaton also stated that there has been several cases of brutality committed towards the Media Persons, Sick people, Woman traders, Truck drivers, MLAs, Villagers etc by the Assam Rifles posted along the Imphal Moreh Road, Imphal Jiribam Road and wherever, they are posted.

If the Assam Rifles fails to respect the rule of law than it is high time for the Assam Rifles to Go Back from Manipur, he added.

We appeal the Chief Minster to kindly make an urgent intervention to deport the Assam Rifles from Manipur and further appeal the MHRC to take up sue motto and necessary action be taken at the earliest against the Assam Rifle, Phajaton said.

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