Resume construction work of PMGSY Package No.MN06316 within a week: SPAVIDCO

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI: Disappointed villagers of Santalabari, Parsian and its surrounding villages warned to seize the contract works of PMGSY Package No. MN06316 and execute it themselves if the construction work between National Highway 39 (Now NH-2) and Santalabari is not resume within a week.

The villagers led by Laxmi Khatiwoda, Chairman Santalabari Parsain Area Village Development Committee (SPAVIDCO) came out on the age old road Tuesday afternoon as a mark of protest against delayed construction work by the concerned authority despite the completion date almost in the verge of lapse.

Speaking to media persons, Laxmi Khatiwoda said that the 100-year old Santalabari – Parsian road has never seen any development ever since it had been renovated with singling in 1976 rendering extreme hardships and grievances to the people after recalling that the road was made by the Public Works Department 100 years before but despite the oldest road it still remain unattended.

He also said that owing to the dilapidated condition of the road the people not only face tremendous hardships particularly during monsoon season but had already encountered many unfortunate incidents during emergency especially in health related issues.

He continued that when road construction work was sanctioned under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana with a cost of Rs. 278.29 Lakh and maintenance cost of Rs. 38.14 lakh the happiness of the innocent villagers knew no bound but the heartless attitude of the concerned contractors completely shattered the public happiness.

As per the guidelines of the project, the 7.2 Km long road construction between National Highwya-2 to Santalabari shall be commence from 27 October 2018 and it must be completed by 26 April 2020 and maintenance shall be started by 27 April 2020 till 26 April 2025 while the contract work is taken by M/S HVS Construction Materials Pvt. Ltd and the work executed by EE/PIU-II (SPT) RED/MSRRDA, Govt. of Manipur.

Laxmi Khatiwada said that singling was done till 1 Km. from the National Highway recently and since then no more construction work has been witnessed despite the completion date nearing to its end which is why the people of Santalabari Parsain area are disappointed and enraged as there is an extreme apprehension that the dream of witnessing a proper road would vanished again after such a long wait.

He continued that when Haipi – Phoibung road construction work under the same project could be completed by the concerned contractor on time why is it the National Highway to Santalabari road construction yet to begin before adding that the people of the areas would not remain silent in case the construction work is not completed on time.

He also said that villagers of Santalabari Parsain area have decided to seize the contract and executive by themselves if the concerned contractor fails to begin the construction work within a week and it has also been decided that intense form of agitation shall be initiated as further course of action.

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