Residents of NGV draw attention to poor road condition

Residents of NGV draw attention to poor road condition

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IMPHAL: The National Games Village which once hosted athletes from all states during the largest sporting festival of the country in the year 1999 is yearning for repair of the damaged roads there and residents have once again drawn the attention of state government for taking up repair works at the earliest. Similar appeals have been made in the past through local newspapers and representations but till date no action have been taken up, they complained.

Prominent organizations in operation at the area namely the All Communities Welfare Association of Game Village (ACWAGV), Meira Paibi of Game Village (MPGV) and Youth Club of Game Village (YCGV have put up corresponding grievances on the pitiful conditions of the roads and apathy of the authorities. According to the accounts of leaders of these organizations, from time to time when the condition of the roads worsens to the point of becoming nearly inaccessible then the local residents are forced to take up the development activities with contribution from their own pockets.

The residents of the game village have deeply expressing their problems and difficulties for many years and still shouting and waiting that when will the road of the game village will be repairing.

Residents of NGV have been seeking the attention of the administration over an extended period of time and hoping that once their genuine grievances gets noticed repair works will be taken up. However, their cries for help and arduous wait have been unfruitful so far.   

While speaking to The Morning Bell, President of ACWAGV, N. Raj Mani said that the settlement area is at only a distance of five kilometers from the main city, but the transportation from NGV to the market is a rough ride because of the bad road for the commuters specially for those individuals who are in poor health, pregnant woman and elderly residents. There is escalation in the proportion of problems for the occupants of the government quarters as well as other residents especially during the rainy season.

The residents there are predominantly government employees, both central and state. International boxers namely MC. Mary Kom and Sarita Devi are also among its prominent residents. The former runs her Boxing Academy inside the NGV area which is visited frequently by people from foreign countries and other parts of India, but despite the importance of the road the state government is still neglecting its renovation, he stated.

President of MPGV, K. Sorodoni also expressed that pedestrians and office goers are facing difficulties in moving to and fro and accident used to happen again and again. She further said that especially during rainy season people from the locality encountered lots of trouble in travelling along the road.

She on behalf of the societies, clubs, and organizations of NGV reiterated the appeal to the state government and concern department to repair the road at the earliest.

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