Replacement of AR posts, independent inquiry into lady IPS officer molestation demanded

Replacement of AR posts, independent inquiry into lady IPS officer molestation demanded

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IMPHAL: The Women Committee-United NGOs Mission Manipur (WC-UNMM) on Thursday has demanded that 11th and 12th AR should be immediately replaced with CISF as the AR personnel are not well trained on how to conduct frisking, and the state government and Central government have been urged to conduct an independent and impartial investigation by a special investigation team against the practices of 11th and 12th AR in the wake of the alleged molestation of an lady IPS office without any delay.

The statement was made during a press conference held at its head office, at Chingmeirong on Thursday.

Addressing media persons, Convenor of WC-UNMM Sobita Mangsatabam said that the women organisations see the issue with serious concerns and condemn the inhuman behavior of the Rifleman of 12 AR on January 19, 2020 to one lady IPS officer of Manipur police. It is suspected that the solder’s behavior was an act of intimidation and such an act of using abusive words, harassment, causing physical and mental threat to a woman is against the constitution of India.

She further said that the case is a violation of guidelines of Manipur and national women commission, special procedure of UN guidelines on violation against women and UN special rapporteur on promotion and protection of human rights. In-spite of the continuous requests to allow the lady IPS officer and her team to pass the gate, the 12th AR personnel forcefully kept her detained and also threatened the officer and her team. The latter were told that whether the matter is reported to the CM, DGP and IGAR South they will not be allowed to proceed. Such kind of highhandedness by the personnel of 12th AR is strongly condemnable, said the Convenor.

One cannot be denied that Justice Jeevan Reddy Commission of Ministry of Home Affairs stated that “AFSPA is the symbol of oppression, an object of hate and instrument of discrimination by the one who is supposed to protect their lives, liberty and dignity. The commander of 12th AR and his soldier on duty who are assigned for the protection of the live of citizens of the country failed to respect the report of the commission under the Union Home Minister, Government of India, asserted the Convenor.

Mentioned may be made that, a 35 year old women was allegedly sexually harassed by the riflemen of same 12th AR battalion in civil dress at gun point on November 18, 2019. She also recalled that on May 2017, Arambam Shanti about 45 years was shot dead with 11 bullets at 4.30 pm near the second gate of Moreh in a broad daylight, where AR personnel were deployed.

More than five bomb blasts occurred in Moreh in the month of September and October, 2019, which are suspected to have been organized by the AR station at Moreh. Such act of AR is a crime against the humanity and a war crime. Such act of violence and human rights violation are observed as a strategy of counter insurgency with an act of intimidation, sexual harassment, torture, threat etc. We are really deeply concern that, why the GOI and state government failed to arrest the culprits and launch an investigation agains the perpetrators and start a trial in the court of law, asked the Convenor.

The women committee raised questions whether the AR are deployed to assist the civil administration or to commit crime; was the AR trained to conduct frisking; who allowed the male AR personnel to conduct frisking on female travelers; why the head of the unified command, the CM of Manipur is silent; what is our home and police department is doing and silent; is AR above all the rule of law.

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