Re-instate Nemcha to avoid ‘trust deficit’ and misunderstanding, KIK urges Biren

Re-instate Nemcha to avoid ‘trust deficit’ and misunderstanding, KIK urges Biren

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KANGPOKPI: The apex body of the Kuki community in Kangpokpi District, Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi District was not happy with the cabinet reshuffle and the unexpected removal of the lone woman Minister Nemcha Kipgen from the ministerial berth.

The Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi wondered as to how Manipur Chief Minister thought of dropping its only woman Minister from the council of Ministers when the BJP strongly emphasize on women empowerment and its commitment to passed the 33% Women Reservation Bill, KIK questioned.

It also stated that Kangpokpi gave the ruling BJP Government the only elected woman MLA with an envision of empowering women in the society and not for subduing and undervaluing them while adding that removing Nemcha Kipgen from the Ministerial berth deeply disheartened not only the women community but the entire populace of the district.

Condemning the removal of the lone woman Minister by Biren Singh, the Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi said that it [dropping Nemcha Kipgen] is against the BJP commitment towards empowering women and wondered if Biren Singh has unseen another women representative in his Government.

It also stated that Nemcha not only represented the women community of the state but she is also the Minister incharge of the District and removing her from the Ministerial berth could let to misunderstanding which can be instrumental in creating ‘trust deficit’ upon the BJP Government.

Therefore, the civil bodies of Kangpokpi under the aegis of Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi District urged Chief Minister N. Biren Singh to re-instate Nemcha Kipgen in the Council of Ministers to solve the problem and avoid misunderstanding and trust deficit, it added.

It also cautioned that if N. Biren Singh fails to listen the polite appeal of the civil bodies and the Kuki Inpi, the people of Kangpokpi may uproar in such away that their voice is heard by the central leaders and it can be detrimental for the BJP Government in the state.

It also reminded Chief Minister N. Biren Singh that in a democracy country the elected representatives forming the Government must understand the sentiment of its people and avoid acting smart to hurt the sentiment of its its people.

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