Rare White Bulbul (Angouba Khoining) Spotted at Heirok: PFA

Rare White Bulbul (Angouba Khoining) Spotted at Heirok: PFA

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Thoubal: A white bulbul which is a rarity as the bird is normally black and dark in colour was spotted at Heirok in Thoubal District, Manipur, said a statement by Peoples for Animal (PFA), Manipur, on Tuesday.

The press release issued by Managing Trustee PFA, Manipur, L. Biswajeet Meitei stated that the teachers and students of Heirok Chingdompok High School located at Heirok Part – II had informed PFA that a white bulbul bird was seen moving around at the foothills at the back of the school.

Just after receiving the report, a team of PFA along with wildlife photographer Debajit Okram reached the spot on time and had a closer look at the bird with great attention, the press release stated.

The PFA team then found that the bird had its nests at the top of some tall trees including one banyan tree and also realised that the white bulbul was the only among a flock of 3 to 4 pairs of  black bulbuls.

After observing the image taken by the camera through zooming, it was confirmed that the bird was none other than a “Leucistic” Red vented bulbul, the press release stated.

“Leucistic is an abnormal plumage condition caused by a genetic mutation that prevents pigment, particularly melanin, from being properly deposited on a bird’s feathers” the press release explained.

The press release further stated that Leucistic birds are rarest in the world and we human beings are unable to witness such birds at their will.

Such bird is termed as Albino because their body is completely white in colour including its eyes, beak and legs.

The white bulbul is very distinguished on sight and it is also very beautiful sitting on a branch of green leaves, albino condition is not a good sign for the birds, as they will lack the absorption of suns ray which is important in making their body shape as its colour is white and their life is short because they are easily spot by predators.

Moreover, they have the inability to find suitable partners as their colour is white and lacked attraction and other birds don’t like to be a partner with them, the press release stated.

Fortunately, the white bulbul found at Heirok seems to have a partner, one black bulbul was seen flying and sitting together with that white bulbul, as if the black whispered “although colour is white, honest heart”, the press release stated.

The press release also further stated that M. Tomthin, a teacher of the school and his students took care of the bird then, and explaining about the bird, PFA team also requested the BSF Company posted at the foothill to look after the bird carefully.

Recalled may be that one Leucistic Sangai was also found at Keibul Lamjao recently, the release mentioned.

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