Quarantine centre shut down, awareness program held

Quarantine centre shut down, awareness program held

TMB Report

Bishnupur: With the shutting down of JNV Khumbong Community Quarantine Centre opened under the aegis of MLA Konthoujam Assembly Constituency Dr. Sapam Ranjan, an awareness program on Covid-19 for ASHA workers under Khumbong Community Centre was held on Thursday at JNV Khumbong.

MLA Dr. Sapam Ranjan attended the awareness as the main dignitary.

Dr. Hodam Rajo Singh and volunteers along with 81 ASHA workers also attended the awareness.

Speaking on the occasion MLA Dr. Sapam Ranjan said that the spread of the pandemic Covid-19 can only be avoided and stay safe if we sincerely obey and follow the SOP guideline of Covid-19.

He said, self awareness and alertness are the best medicines to protect ourselves from any disease.

The MLA maintains to look after and take care of those who are under home quarantine and those who are under passive quarantine.

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