Pvt Schools paying staff without collecting fee devoid of logic: CDPSA

TMB Report

Ccpur: The Churachandpur District Private Schools’ Association (CDPSA) has stated that it was appalled at the attitude and biased nature of the series of unjust orders/circulars of the Commissioner, Education (Schools), Government of Manipur particularly the order dated June 20, 2020, wherein private schools are ordered to wholly bear the brunt of the financial expenses of paying staff without taking any tuition fees from parents from April to July.

In a press release, the association maintained that the fact that issuing such an order without consulting the private schools —the primary stakeholder, shows the order is biased, impractical and devoid of logic.

The CDPSA is deeply disillusioned with the illogical turn of events and the state government’s nature of interference by hitting us with waves of malicious circulars which are merely used to shed their responsibility and accountability towards the total populace of the state. This is farcical and as such, the orders tantamount to bullying and crushing the autonomy of private schools, the release stated.

According to the association, the private schools managements, in this state of affairs, are disheartened and gradually losing the commitment, drive and initiative, which are crucial for the maintenance, nurturing and successful growth of institutions.

 “It has been communicated time and again about the importance of private schools in the state, rendering yeoman’s service, and yet we are followed by huge amount of really negative doctored press. It is incredibly hard to fathom the step motherly treatment meted out to private schools who have massively contributed towards quality education in the state. Not only constitutionally, but also jurisprudentially, private unaided educational institutions must have almost absolute autonomy in their own management and administration for diversity and inclusivity.

The CDPSA is deeply saddened to see a noble profession demeaned by careerist individuals who may not be best placed to make judgment to improve private schools. It is a very discouraging and demoralising time to be a teacher/school administrator, as the profession is woefully under-valued by the government and yet we have the gigantic responsibility of shaping the generations of tomorrow. Despite being the last defender of the moral high ground, it is also disheartening to see that private schools have become vulnerable to harassment, to terrorize along with unwarranted scrutiny, and compulsory and mandatory convictions,” the association responded to the government orders.

The CDPSA stated that while standing strong and endorsing the Hill District Private Schools Association (HiDiPSAM) and United Association Recognised Schools of Manipur (UARSoM), it would like to draw the attention of the state government to kindly look into how other states successfully tackle the issue and stop dangling the carrot of appeasing for popularity in the short term with long term sickness remembering that the nexus between bad governance and ill-advised policies crowds out good education.

“With no water tight evidence of the advantages the circulars/order will bring about, the need of the hour is giving financial impetus and encouragement to schools and not maligning private schools with the card of divide and rule. As private schools are not in a position to comply to the nonsensical order, it will invariably lead to closure of private schools and shutting down of all its activities, thereby causing irreversible loss to our society and state. CDPSA earnestly appeals to the state government to revoke its order at the earliest and bail out the private schools with suitable financial grant and put an end to the quagmire of manufactured imbroglio the state education is being thrown into,” the note suggested.

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