Puya Meithaba, one of the most unfortunate events ever, says titular king

Puya Meithaba, one of the most unfortunate events ever, says titular king

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IMPHAL: The International Observation Committee on Puya Meithaba (ICOP) commemorated the 291th Puya Meithaba (the day of sacred scriptures of Manipur were burnt down) on 23rd of Wakching month in Manipuri Lunar Calendar) at the observation held at Uchiwa Ebudhou Pakhangba Laikol, Mayang Imphal.

The Titular King of Manipur Leishemba Sanajoaba along with the members of ICOP and others hoisted the seven colour flag of Manipur before the main observation began. The Chingmi Tammi Nungshi Leipun Mana, 2020 and Maichou Ningsing Mana, 2020 awards were given away to N. Benjamin Tao of Senapati district and Hamom Dhoni of Jiribam district with citations and cash of Rs. 10, 000 each by the chief guest respectively.

Addressing as the chief guest at the observation of 291th Puya Meithaba, Titular King of Manipur Leishemba Sanajaoba said that the Puya of Manipur was burnt down approximately three hundred years ago during the reign of the then King Pamheiba in the year between 1709-1748 and added that we do not want to make it happen to any community in the world now, the day was very unfortunate and is among the most unfortunate incidents.

The Puya (sacred scriptures) was not a single book, not confined on particular subject and community. It is related to different subject, universal based and for every living being that is existing in the world and at the same time, the sacred scripture was also to show a way of different direction. The sacred scriptures were written on many aspects including about medicines, governance, sports and various others, which we commonly known as Puya in short, added the titular king.

It is said that the scriptures were not only a property of Manipur but also a property of the whole world, it is a store house of wisdom and thought. But, it is very unfortunate that with the influence of some people that has been burnt down the sacred scriptures. Because of this unfortunate incident, now we the people of Manipur cannot explore properly our own identity, cultures and others proudly to the world. He extends his words not to happen to any community, people and world, what the people of the state has faced and the day was observed not in against of any community and in an aim to take revenge for the unfortunate incident, said the Titular King.

We all heard the history of the first observation of Puya Meithaba that was observed under the leadership of Chingsubam Akaba in secretly in the year 1978 on this 23 Wakching month, thinking that might be arrested by then government and scared of various disturbances of various communities. So, every stakeholder in the state should bow him with respect and regard for what he has done for the people about the Puya. “We are the people or community that has faced the burning of fire. Let us forget about the revenge and evil mindset instead let us all effort and move forward for the betterment of the future, asserted the Titular King.

Because of that unfortunate incident of the past, we lost everything including like as, cultures, tradition, identity and in different segments but with the timely blessing of the Almighty God (Matam Kouba Lairenbi), we are recouping the lost fortune slowly now in every segment. Now, the work of present generation and our promise to take is to fulfill the work what is place in-front of us. He said that it is a time to discuss that shall we all stop here or move ahead. Let us all stop speaking puppets to others about the unfortunate incident now instead let us all think and move for the betterment of future and society. He appealed to all the community in the state to take part for a successful and meaningful observation in the future to come.

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