‘Public must take steps to make government’s lockdown successful’

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The United Village and Clubs Organization (UVACO) and Nambol Area Meira Paibi Apunba Lup (NAMPAL) have expressed their views that after the government’s failure to contain Covid-19 pandemic despite imposition of lockdown and curfew among other precautionary measures taken up from time to time, the practical step is for the people to up necessary steps themselves instead of waiting for the government.

A press release signed by president of UVACO, Nambol Y. Ningthemjao Mangang said that UVACO and NAMPAL will not allow entry individuals from other states who have no proper documentation of their travel history into areas of their jurisdiction. As there is a likelihood of community transmission, we the entire people in the state need to take up various precautionary measures wisely acting as health care workers to contain the outbreak. As of now, the vaccine for Covid-19 have not been invented so far, and so we should obey and follow the guidelines and standard operating procedures given by the Government from time to time.

Considering the critical situation of the state that has evolved in the state, he appealed to the state government that permission should not be given to outsiders to enter the state unless the reason is purely necessary. The various measures and efforts being taken up by UVACO is entirely for the sake of saving the lives of masses, and to save society. In order to save the society, we need to start the undertaking from ourselves. The rise in number of Covid-19 cases in the state is through transmission from persons who had arrived from outside of Manipur, said Ningthemjao Mangang. 

He further said that as of now the state government is yet to officially make any announcement regarding the onset of community transmission. But many people who have no travel history were tested positive for Covid-19, which is a sign of the likelihood of community transmission occurring. So now, the people in the state have starting developing panic thoughts whether there is really community transmission. In this situation, the people in the state should take good care. In consideration of the circumstances encountered, UVACO and NAMPAL took a decision not to permit entry of the people from outside of Manipur who do not have proper documented travel history into their areas of jurisdiction. They will be given permission to enter in their area only after production of Covid-19 negative certificate from quarantine centres, added Ningthemjao Mangang.     

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