Public has distrusted the government on war against drugs: Federation of Haomee

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Federation of Haomee has alleged that the state government made an about turn with regards to implementation of its war against drugs and the public have developed distrust with the anti-drugs campaign owing to the culprits who were arrested in drug trafficking cases not getting the punishment that they deserve.

In a press release signed by Dr. K. Heera Kabui, it was said that at one point of time in the past the state government’s campaign of war against drugs had the potential to be a excellent weapon to vanquish the drug menace but since its implementation it has been observed the reality is quite the opposite to its promises. Manipur is the leading state in the country in terms of problems related to drugs, it added.

 The federation mentioned that as per print and electronic media reports many leaders in the government are also associated in drug trade, while the delay in pronouncement of punitive actions against drug traders have casted a big doubt on the motive of the government and commitment on giving them punishment, he added.

Citing a particular case of the seizure of a sizeable amount of drugs from Imphal airport on August 11, 2013, it made an evaluation that the authority seems to be in favour of extending the case for longer and longer as evident from the interference by the administration, transfer of police officers who led the seizure, disbanding of the special unit that bust the racket among others. Furthermore, the dramatic change of loyalty of former Wangkhei MLA Okram Henry, who is the nephew of the chief minister at that time Okram Ibobi and linked to the drug consignment, to throw his weight around the ruling party in the state was an indication of the vagueness that surrounds the government stand on war on drugs.

It also said that the government has assumed a silent mode in connection with the case of Lukhoshei Zou from whose residence a large amount of several varieties of drugs were confiscated and a vehement demand is being made for the transfer of the case to the CBI for an impartial investigation. Instead, the government has been sheltering the culprits who were caught for running poppy plantations in the hill sides by cutting down several trees in the hilly area. Such occupation which made its presence into the state from Myanmar is operated by the Kuki community.

Manipur state can now be considered as the second Golden Triangle going by the volume of the movement of drugs and frequent apprehension of drugs worth crores of rupees from various places of the state. It further said only when drug related criminals start to receive the right doses of heavy penalty the public will be confident that the chief minister is sincere, the release stated.

Further, the Federation of Haomee stated that the inclusion of a drug tainted police officer as one of the recipients of Chief Minister Medals Gallantry Award at the 74th Independence Day looked deliberate on part of the Home Department of the state. It was also significant that the error was noted by a student unit and not by the intelligence units of the home department.

Hence, it could be considered that such an act might be the intentional plan by officials of the department in order to hurt the prestige of the chief minister, he added. It sought that the chief minister pays attention to the voice of the citizens and sincerely conduct the wars against drugs by awarding fitting punishment to drug businessmen.

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