Public Gathering Banned In Bishnupur District

TMB Report

Bishnupur: As part of the precautionary measured taken up by State Government to prevent spread of the Novel Coronavirus in the state, most main markets in Bishnupur district wore deserted looks after the District Administration had announced of prohibition against assembly of more than 4 persons in the district till March 31, 2020, on Monday.

Bishnupur Keithel, Moirang Keithel, Ningthoukhong Keithel, Oinam Keithel and other major markets wore deserted looks as the district police has imposed ban on public gathering.

Passengers services has stop servicing along the roadways in the district as well as along Tiddim road stretch. Many of the people of the district have remained confined in their respective houses.

On the other hand, Bishnupur District Police personnel are maintaining strict vigil to prevent and control any untoward incident if occur.

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